The Matching Game

Last time, I showed you how the first legwarmer came out.  Well, I’ve now started on the second legwarmer.

My goal was to make them as close to the same as I could with regard to the self patterning yarn.  I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t have enough yarn in one skein to pull it off but, I’m pleased to report, that I had more than enough!

To get the second legwarmer to match the first legwarmer, I simply cut off yarn from the skein until I reached the light orange that was at the top of the first cuff.  Then, I started knitting.  While I’m not done yet, I think they are matching up pretty nicely so far!

And!  Look!  The bottom cuff sort of match the top cuff by no design of mine – bonus!

My daughter is going to love wearing these to and from dance class next year!



This is a good hint you are giving. I have to do the same thing when using the striped yarn for socks, if the stripe colors are not subtle.

Thanks Bonny...I love knitting socks too!

Coming along fantastic!

Pretty flowers! :)