Making Sure It Fits

Project – Mom's Sweater
Free Pattern Library
Yarn – Patons Canadiana - Dark Water Blue
Blogger – YoElizbo

When I got back to knitting my Mom's Sweater, I knew I had to do one thing before I got too invested in knitting the body--put it on waste yarn and try it on.

Now this is sort of a personal war I go through.

My reason: "Put it on the waste yarn."

My creative: "It takes too much time. I just want to knit. Everything will be fine."

But after a few more rows, then common sense finally kicks in because I know one thing:  no matter if I knit a gauge swatch, and even if it is spot on with the pattern requirements, sometimes a project will end up too big and then I've got to frog it and start over.

So the waste yarn wins out.

So after I put all the stitches on waste yarn, I try it on.

And when I discover it fits perfectly, my reason gets the one up.

"See I told you to check it out. Now knit on!"


More, please. Really missing the Paton's blogs.....

I've been waiting to see how this turns out.....I live in the South and a heavy pullover probably wouldn't get worn, but I'm wondering if the fair isle could be worked in a lighter weight yarn? I've only done small fair isle projects, so I'm no expert but I've read wools or wool blends are better suited to the stranding. before I tackle reworking the pattern to accomodate a lighter weight yarn, I'd be grateful for some input from anyone who knows more than I do...:)