Loving the Stripes

Some random thoughts crossed my mind as I started to work on the octopus.  First, Super Value is really soft.  Even my youngest noticed the softness (Should I be concerned that he wants to squeeze my yarn?  And he's already claimed any leftovers for his own project . . . did I mention that I taught my boys to knit this fall?).  The soft fern colour is especially soft.

Second, I'm loving the colour combo!  Looks so awesome, I may have to make a striped hat or sweater in the same colour combo (as soon as I finish the last of my holiday knitting).

Since the striping is worked in the round (yay, less seaming), my only real challenge is how to deal with the usual colour jog.   Ever noticed that stripes don't quite match up whenever a new colour is started?  An online search provided the answer: after working one round with the new colour, pick up the stitch below (old colour) and knit that together with the first stitch of the new colour.

Doesn't look too bad, huh?  Wonder how quickly I'll get through the body?  I'll keep you posted.

DinaPurls :)


Leave it to kids to come up with such an innovative color combo. It looks great! Hooray for jogless stripes - such a handy skill, I'll be sure to remember it for my next in-the-round striped project.

Nice colors!

Thanks Sandy and Jen.

Hi Dina! Someone posted a question to you in my last post about the Star Afghan. They want to know what colors you are using for the striped octopus.

Thanks Sandy for letting me know about the question. I left a response for the reader on your post, but I'll post it here too. I used Soft Fern 53221(lighter green) for the main body. Then I used Fern 53222(darker green), Moss Heather 53241(greenish brown) and Rouge 53531(red) for the stripes. :)