Loving Our Cabled Yoke Sweaters :)

Project – Cable Yoke Sweater
Bernat Pattern Book #530197 – Cold Front
Yarn – Bernat Roving in 00103 Lazuli
Blogger – Shandeh

I am SO in love with the way my Cabled Yoke Sweater is coming along.  Just beautiful!

This photo was taken outside, so you can see the lovely "Lazuli" shade of the Bernat Roving yarn.  The yarn looks much brighter out in the sunshine than it does inside my little house.

I'm very proud to be making such a nice sweater.  I can't believe I'm doing it!  When I was a young girl, I would look at photos of cabled sweaters, and just be in awe.  I couldn't imagine myself ever knitting one.  But, now, after patiently learning to knit, I'm living the dream! :)

And, as I mentioned before, my sister is joining me in this project, making the shorter version with "Putty" yarn.  Here's a photo of her work so far:

Love it! :)

Back in the 1970's, my sister Ginger and I loved learning different crafts.  Whenever our mom took us to town, we would beg her to buy craft supplies.  When we got home, we would take out our supplies, and spend weeks making our projects.

Here's a photo of the two of us, back in the late 60's, before we started crafting.  I think we were bored. Ha!

As we got older, we learned sewing in our 4-H club.  Ginger learned to knit in high school, and I used to be amazed at the things she could make.  I LOVED wearing the slippers she made for us.  They were so warm and comfy!  When I started high school, I learned cross-stitch, basic crochet stitches, and how to make granny squares.  I then started buying craft magazines, and dreamed of learning to knit.

Later on, as a young woman, I got married, had kids, got divorced, and survived several years of being a single mom.  During that time, I couldn't do ANY crafting.  My life was just too crazy.   This photo shows a rare moment of sewing during that time.  A co-worker had asked me to do some alterations on her silk dress, so I brought my machine to work and did it after hours.  As soon as I got home, the machine went back in the closet.

So, my crafting supplies just sat there waiting for me.  When I married my soulmate in my late 30's, I finally pulled out my crafts again.  I looked through the magazines, fondled the yarn, and decided to learn to knit once and for all.  Thankfully, my new husband was very supportive of my crafting pursuits, and told me to do whatever I wanted.   It's because of his encouragement that I have been able to pursue my desire to knit.  If he hadn't supported my dream, I would STILL be wishing I could knit!  He's a keeper. :)

- Shandeh


What a sweet story! I can see why the cabled sweater is so special for you. Congrats on living the dream!

Thanks Teresa! I'm a happy knitter now. :D

I have to agree with Teresaknits. What a lovely story! :)

Thanks Dina! One day I will learn to paint too. But for now, I'm happy knitting every day. ;)