A Lovely Watermelon

Project – Watermelon Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530202 Sweet Treats
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Ice Cream, Tickled Pink, Shamrock
Blogger – DinaPurls

Well, almost a lovely watermelon.  Thankfully all knitting, including the button bands, is done.

Now for the part I dislike most: the finishing **sigh**  Some ends have been woven in and one sleeve seamed.  If I could just get some motivation . . .

Besides the finishing, I'm also at odds regarding buttons.  I did find some nice little black buttons for the seeds (but haven't gotten 'round to attaching them).   Thankfully I found many buttons, but which ones do I choose for the bands?  Decisions, decisions . . what do you think?

While I wait for inspiration and motivation to hit, I started my next project: matching hat and mittens using Jacquards.  My swatch is looking funky.  Aren't the colours lovely?  Can't wait to see how it works up in a hat.

DinaPurls :)


Lovely sweater! And the hat and mittens are going to be very nice as well.

Thanks Sandy :)

Have you thought of black buttons to look like watermelon seeds?

Duh I didn't read one sentence about black buttons. Feel free to delete and I need to get my reading glasses attached to my computer!

LOL, Lynne. Don't feel bad; I do that all the time.

I received my yarn for the Mystery Afgan but I read a post about Lefties.... which I am I sent 2 e-mails to customer service and still haven't received a reply. Anyone know anything about this????

I like the darker pink buttons for the band. Ithink thye will stand out more. What is the pattern and the yarn you are making the hat and mittens from? Those are my daughters favorite colors. I love how the swatch is working up. She would think it was super for X-mas.

Shirley, isn't the yarn colour yummy? Its Bernat Jacquards and the patterns come from the booklet "Show Your Stripes".

Thank you! I have it ordered as well as the pink color for my youngest daughter! Hopefully there will be time along with theCAL to get them done before X-mas?

Love the watermelon sweater. I think I'll make two for my daughters. As far as the buttons, I would use black myself to get the full effect of the watermelon. Lovely though!

Thanks Danoris. I've begun attaching the small black buttons on the pink yoke and it really makes the sweater.

Super cute sweater! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Although, I don't need MORE inspiration - I need more TIME!! Love the swatch too!

Thanks Knittinjen :) And I can sympathize with the lack of time: so many patterns, so little time!

What a cute pattern! I am working on my first ever knitted sweater and am stuck on what it means to "pick up and knit " stitches when it comes time to add the neck ribbing and the sleeves? The pattern is Bernat Softee Chunky Bold Stripe Sweater from the website. Can you help? Thank you!

Hi Diana. Good to hear you're working on your first sweater. I've actually made two Bold Striped sweaters. Basically you're making "live stitches" either along the top (cast-off edge for example) or along the side (for the sleeves). I'm sure you could find some information in any how-to-knit book, but I prefer videos. Have you checked out YouTube? I found KnittingHelp.com has decent instructional videos. Check out http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips

I completely understand on the finishing part. I have so many projects that I start and don't finish... and I don't like to tuck in ends... so time consuming. I'd rather be working on my next project :) Good luck!! The sweater looks wonderful and so does the swatch! :)

Good to know I'm not alone, Rochelle. And thanks for the good luck--I'll need it to get the finishing done, LOL :)

The matching hat and mittens will be incredibly cute! I love how they're coming out so far. The hat looks great to me!

Thanks Homegrownrose! I just love the colour combo--can't wait to finish the project. :)

Hello, I think when it comes to choosing the colour of the buttons on your bands you have one of two choices to make. Do you want them to blend in or stand out?? If you want them to blend in then i would use the green on the green bands and the pink on the pink bands. If you want them to stand out I would place the green ones (opaque) onto the pink bands, and pink (opaque) buttons onto the green bands. What would probably be really adorable though is to go to your local craft store and see if you cant find some buttons that look like little watermelons. You could also just use black buttons on the bands as well. But I think other colours would be better or the watermelon buttons Happy Crafting!

Tiana, I love your idea about using buttons that look like watermelons. That would be so cute! Sadly there is very little selection in my small community. In the end I decided to go with green buttons on the green button bands. I think it works.

I've been waiting and waiting to see the finished project. Did you get it finished? What buttons did you use? Are we ever going to get a picture of the totally completed sweater and booties? I'm going to be brutally honest, I don't like the new "Bernat Blog".Viewers no longer get to enjoy completed works. Thanks, Bev

Hi Bev - We'll be showing more blogger projects soon - we just wanted to focus on the CAL as it got started.