Lovely Red Lacy Scarf - Halfway Done!

Project – Keyhole Scarf in Bernat Satin Sport
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Blogger – Shandeh

My red lace scarf is getting prettier every day. I knitted the first lace section, then quickly completed the keyhole, where the other end of the scarf will slip through. Now, I'm halfway through knitting more of the lace pattern, to go around the neck.

Lace knitting can be a challenge, but this pattern isn't difficult at all. There is a four row lace design, which has two "resting" rows of mostly purl stitches. I keep track of the four rows by using four coins to count them. Much easier than a traditional row counter.

When I start knitting the four row pattern, I have all four coins to my left. As I complete each row, I move a coin over to my right side. This helps me remember which row I'm knitting.....especially when watching television.

Do you have any tricks for counting rows as you knit?

- Shandeh


I do almost the same thing except I use pins stuck in the arm of my chair. Four pins for for rows and as I complete a row I remove the pin. I agree it is invaluable when watching TV. Bette

Smart! Great minds think alike! ;)

I make a tally mark after every row in a small notebook that fits in my knitting tools container. It helps me keep track of where I am during the repeating rows, and also how many times I've repeated the series. I write the name of the pattern/project I'm doing at the top of the page, so that if I have to lay the project aside for a week or two (or sometimes longer), I know right where I am when I finally get back to it.

That is a good point, about needing reminders when projects are set aside. I'm always confused when I pick up an old project to work on it again. I think I will keep a little notebook in the yarn stand beside my knitting chair from now on!

I always make a copy of the pattern using my printer's copier feature, then "dot" in front of the row number with a pen as I finish each row. With a copy, I can also make pen & ink changes. My copier has an enlarge feature, so if a chart is too small in a book, I can also enlarge it.

Smart! Especially the enlarging thing. ;)

I just finished this scarf, however when I tried binding off (at least 10 different ways!) the binded off end would not scallop like the cast on beginning does. Any hints?

The beginning definitely has a more scalloped shape than the bind-off. But, it still makes a very lovely scarf.

Do you have the pattern. I can't find it on Bernat website?

Hi there! This pattern is no longer on the Bernat website, because the Satin Sport yarn is discontinued. But, you will get a similar style by making the Lacy Daisy Ascot, using Sheepish yarn. Here's that pattern: