Love These Dolls for Charity!

Project – Buddy Toys (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch
Blogger – Shandeh

I love these sweet, soft, cushy, comfy dolls!

They were so easy to make, and very fast to knit.  The seaming was the hardest part, because of the stretchiness of the yarn, but I understood how to do it after my first seam.  I just had to stretch out the edge, to see the spots where my stitches would go, then I would release the edge when I pulled the yarn for the stitch.

All the pieces for the dolls were designed to be knit flat, but I used my dpns a few times to knit some parts in the the hat.  It was SUPER fast when knit in the round.

It didn't take long to get all the pieces knitted, and ready to seam together.

This pattern was designed to be knit with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, or Bernat Satin yarn.  But it worked very well with the Bernat Baby Stretch yarn.  The finished dolls are so soft and cushy.  I hope they bring joy and comfort to an abused child at the Treehouse Children's Advocacy Center. :)

They have certainly given me lots of joy!

Now that my project is complete, my fingers are itching to knit for charity again.  Time to go browse the patterns and charities on the BernatCares website!

Update:  I was able to deliver the dolls to the Treehouse Children's Advocacy Center this week.  They were THRILLED to receive the dolls, and said they were so soft and huggable.  They are looking forward to receiving more handknit or hand-crocheted items for their facility, and are registering with the BernatCares website right away! :)



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