Here’s the yarn for my latest project. Ain’t it purdy? It’s Classic Wool from Patons. The variegated is called Palais, it is a great “fall yarn”: dark brown, purple, red to burgundy and a royal blue. The solid is Rich Red that will become the edge and strap. Do you think they go together? By the way, I must have a natural attraction to this Rich Red colorway. I bought about 12 skeins of it over a year ago to make a sweater for my husband and a friend brought me some this past week. Strange…

The pattern I’m starting, Slippers for Her, can be found in this booklet along with some other beauties like the Fair Isle tote. Ooh Mama, I like that a lot! Have you ever felted a Fair Isle project? I am curious how the floats turn out. Whether they get all bunchy or exactly what happens, do they just blend in? Please share your experience if you’ve "been there – done that.”

These felted slippers are desperately needed by me. My previous pair of felted foot warmers were much loved and are literally worn through. My feet still get chilly, even in the summer, mostly due to air conditioning. Do you use up your knits? I look forward to these getting worn through because then I can justify knitting more.

As a good little knitter I did myself up a little swatch. They are many a knitter’s nemesis (myself included).


Swatches are a necessary evil. You need them, but you hate to have to need them. I take that one step further by doing a swatch and still ignoring it. Carefully I lay out my measuring tool, count my stitches, evaluate whether it seems correct. Then I ignore the result and just go right on with casting on (with the needles that I had already decided to use).* I like to dig in and not wait any longer to get my finished project. (Could this be why I cannot seem to get my kids to be patient? Hmmm, I might be onto something here….) In knitting, though, I figure it’ll fit someone.

*DO NOT try this at home unless you are fully aware of the consequences: 1) ripping out and re-knitting, 2) giving the project to someone else, 3) running out of yarn or 4) throwing it into the corner of your storage space to marinate for years to come.



Hi Jen, Liked your first two blogs. Wondered if we can just knit a bunch of swatches of different favorite yarns (Patons Classic) with different needles and then keep them on hand. I'm with you - not much of a swatch maker! talk to you soon. ann

I never have the patience to swatch or calculate and I have paid for it. One of these days I will learn...

That's what I keep telling myself: I will learn this (swatching) someday...and I've been knitting for a LONG time!

I'm not seeing any crochet love here on this blog. I knit, yes, but recently took up crochet because of the availability of a certified instructor and find I just love it! It's more portable, which suits me as I travel a lot and it's easier to crochet in close quarters in a car, plane or train. Also, I don't drop rows or stitches as much. One hook, some wool.. will travel.

I am a beginner crocheter too (very beginner!). My plan is to do a simple crochet pattern and blog about my adventures soon. Stay tuned!

Hey Jen! Loving the new blog....even inspired me to get knitting again...the Patons Cozy Cardigan for my cousin's baby...it was to be in bamboo baby but I needed 4 balls and the store had only 3 of every color!! UGH! So I settled for baby cotton....so far I like it!

Wonderful! I'm so glad that this here blog could inspire you to pick up the sticks again. Good luck on the sweater.