At Long Last: The Yoke

Project – Watermelon Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530202 Sweet Treats
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Ice Cream, Tickled Pink, Shamrock
Blogger – DinaPurls

Never have I been so happy to finally reach the yoke!  The body seemed to go on forever.  When I finally reached the end, I thought joining the sleeves to the body would be easy. . . not so much.  My first few rows were rather awkward and cumbersome to work.  Some underarm stitches were seriously stretched out (notice the white elongated stitches in the sleeve detail below?).

The one thing that helped was using two circular needles and transferring the sweater from one circular to another (just as one would work the stitches from one straight needle to another).  Once I got a few rows in, the yoke became easier to work and I switched back to using just one circular.

I usually work a sweater in one of two ways: in pieces or top-down.  My only other experience working a sweater from the bottom-up involved various pieces (the front and back were not connected).  Perhaps my difficulty with the yoke came from lack of experience?  In any case, I got past it and I'm certain I can "fix" my stretched-out stitches when I seam the underarm area.  A few duplicate stitches will hide any other messy stuff.  What's a watermelon without a few seeds?

DinaPurls ;)


Looks like it's really coming along - yay! Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Thanks Teresa. I can't wait to get to the end too. I think my niece will look cute in it

I'm making the sweater as well. I haven't reached the yoke yet. So far it's coming along ok.

Oh neat! Think we'll finish at the same time? (I do drag my feet when it comes to finishing, LOL)

I just started the yoke. It is not easy I ended up using 3 circular needles. It was very awkward with just the one needle. So far it looks very cute, my daughter loves it.

This is so cute! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Thanks Kristin.

I wish I knew how to knit better I would love to make this for my daughter. She recieved a watermelon hat after she was born and I took a picture of her in a watermelon with the hat on. It was so precious. It's funny too because I craved watermelon when I was pregnant... in January! :) This would be so cute if I could crochet it or maybe I should just try to knit more...

What a coincidence that after craving watermelon your daughter would receive a watermelon hat, LOL! Rochelle, do you mainly crochet? I wish I felt comfortable enough to crochet clothing--so many nice patterns! But I'm slowly getting there: placemats, a bag, a poncho and hat--baby steps . . . :)

so far I've only make slippers crochetting... I've got the yarn to crochet a poncho and for once I think I should actually do the gauge before starting. I mostly have stuck to blankets, slippers, a few bags and hats though I have a ton of patterns for sweaters and what not... just haven't gotten around to those. And then I've only knit a few blankets and scarfs but with just the knit stitch (I believe that's what it is... :) ) I bought circular knitting needles but I need to find a project to use them on. I thought it would be cool to knit in the round :)