Little Miss Twists

Project – Cable Car Coat
Patons Pattern Book #500872 Next Steps Six – Learn to Cable
Yarn - Patons Shetland Chunky in 03210 Rich Teal
Blogger – K1Paula2

Here's the danger of getting too comfortable with cable patterns:


See it? Or perhaps I should should say, see them? Yep. I mis-twisted two of my cables. Still, you have to admire my consistency - I made the exact same mistake in the same row of each cuff.

Look carefully, and you can see that in row 11 of a Panel Pattern D repeat, I twisted front when I should have twisted back. It clearly says C6B (short for: slip 3 stitches onto cable needle, leave at the back of work, knit next three stitches, then knit the stitches from the cable needle). See what happens when the phone rings? You set your work down to answer the call and the cable needle falls to the wrong side...which of course only explains one of my two errors.

I especially hate "frogging" when it involves knits and purls since it's easier to drop stitches and get your stitches turned around. Cables seem like they'd be even riskier to frog. So I spent most of the other evening "unknitting" both cuffs down to the mis-twist. All is now corrected and back on track.

close-up of fixed cable



That color is really something, Paula. Just gorgeous!

The color in these photos is much closer to the actual color of the yarn than some of my other photos. It's beautiful yarn.

I read a blog recently where the poster was talking about using a lifeline in her cabled project and I was sort of like "why?"--but you make a good case for using one in a cable project for just that reason--ripping out can be a real tricky business and that would save one the time of unknitting--which I think everyone loathes! Sorry you had to do it, but it does look perfect now.

A lifeline?