A Little Color after Winter

Project – Cold Snap Vest
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Blogger – DinaPurls

Are you still feeling the Winter where you live?  'Cuz its definitely still not Spring in my little corner of the world.  So naturally the vest is becoming a welcome respite from the white, gloomy haze of Winter.  I am so lovin' the colors!  And the fair isle pattern is very easy to remember.

And just to be fair, I'm gonna share the wrong side too.  Isn't it just as pretty as the right side?

I'm almost done with the back.  Here's hoping the sides grow just as quickly.  And there's the added bonus of no sleeves.

DinaPurls :)


Beautiful colorwork!

Thanks Sandy :) I find fair isle more enjoyable than intarsia, especially when it's a simple pattern repeat.

beautiful work!