Let's review a new yarn!

Yarn – Bernat Mosaic in Medusa
Blogger – MichelleCrochets

Did I mention I'm sensitive to animal fibers?  Not allergic, just sensitive.  Acrylic yarns - along with plant fiber yarns - are what I use as often as I can.  I was going to use this week's post to talk about my progress on my Scalloped Edge Cardigan, but I thought I'd take a minute and talk about the Bernat Mosaic yarn itself - it is so new, I'm sure those of you who haven't tried it or found it in a store near you are wondering about it.

The colorways are beautiful.  The Medusa colorway is the one I'm using for this project.  I don't honestly think my pictures do it justice - hopefully my words will.  The colors flow from a deep eggplant purple to dark dusty lavender, from dusty rose to the color of a ripe peach, followed by a magenta that melds nicely with an olive green, and the balance of the skein is an autumnal yellow that ends in a burnt orangey red.  Each color has an exceptionally long repeat - one color in the stitch pattern nearly extends the width of the cardigan.  Since this is a crocheted stitch pattern, that is saying quite a lot about how long that repeat really is.

Taking the color out of the mix, what is the yarn itself like?  Each skein was a little different.  The first one had a few sections of yarn that were fairly thick - near to an Aran weight - but many more sections that were tightly spun into a ropey sport weight.  The second skein had the opposite - many sections of the bulkier, very few of the more tightly spun.   I haven't broken open the third one yet, so I'll be interested to experience other variations.

Now for the feel.  Holding the skein in my hand, it felt soft - not unlike a nice wool, but not as soft as merino.  Once I started to work with it, it did seem a bit scratchier than that first feel suggested.  According to the folks at Bernat, the yarn was spun specifically to mimic the feel of wool, but with the easy care of acrylic. Comparing it to other acrylic yarns, I would say it is a bit rougher than the Bernat Satin, but in the same vein.   I haven't steam blocked my swatches though I expect the yarn will soften as it often does when met with a bit of heat.  I believe acrylic aficionados will be pleased with it.

Next week's post will deal with the challenge of using a variegated yarn with long repeats in a garment that has sections.  Oh boy!



I love it!! It looks like something I need to make for the summer. I do not knit as much as I crochet, hoping the pattern is easy.

Thanks for the yarn review! I'm looking forward to trying that yarn soon.

I just frogged an entire sweater ... the inconsistency in the yarn causes swatch gauges to be off ... no matter what the label says. The swatch I tested was okay ... to label ... but my sweater was HUGE because of the yarn's thick sections. AND, it breaks VERY easily ... especially the thick sections, which are not spun very well. Only recommendation I can make ... this is good for afghans and things not needing an accurate gauge ... as garments need .

Started knitting the mosaic scarf (free pattern) tonight. After many attempts I did not suceed in getting the raised rib effect. I used 1 ball each of waterfall and psychedelic.as the directions called for. The darker ball over whelmed the bright ball of yarn so much that the color was lost...probably because the darker yarn was twice as thick! While ripping out stitches the strand of yarn would simply pull apart in 2 pieces!! With just the slightest tug, the yarn breaks apart. I am returning 6 other balls of mosaic tomorrow...I will find yarn that's better quality and easy patterns that aren't so frustrating! Glad I started my Christmas gifts early.

Sorry you had trouble with Bernat Mosaic - some folks who aren't familiar with knitting with a single ply roving-style yarn have reported similar issues. Please send an email to inquire@bernat.com and let them know what problems you encounter so we can try an make sure it isn't a consistent issue.

I found the free pattern "From the Middle Baby Blanket" on your website and ordered the 4 balls of Mosaic "Daydream" to make it. On receiving the yarn I was disappointed to find the colour darker and less saturated (i.e. greyer) than in the picture ... it didn't look like baby colours at all. I started the blanket and found that the thickness of the yarn was very inconsistent. It went from almost as thin as crochet cotton to as thick as chunky yarn. The yarn description did not mention this!