Let the Fun Begin!

Project – Giant Stitch Hat and Scarf
Patons book # 500880
Anti Freeze
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Roving in #77605 Pumpkin
Blogger – K1Paula2

Let me tell you, Patons Classic Wool Roving was well worth the wait. It's thick, but not heavy. It's wool, but it's soft and not scratchy. It's really fun to work with, too. And what better way to celebrate Autumn than knitting with some lovely pumpkin colored wool roving?

Within a couple hours of receiving the roving, I'd already finished about 14" of the Giant Stitch Scarf from Paton's Anti-Freeze pattern book. Granted, the pattern works up really fast since it uses two strands of roving and size US 15 needles. Most of the 17-stitch rows are worked in 1 x 2 ribbing, but the giant stitches are formed in every sixth row. To form a giant stitch, you have to let a knit stitch unravel down four entire rows. Don't freak out. It's not as scary as it sounds. The roving clings to itself just enough that it won't unravel too quickly. A couple times I had to coax stitches to unravel. One. Two. Three. Four.

Then I slipped the needle into the 5th stitch and under the four unraveled stitches...

...and knitted them all together. Simple.

This is what Giant Stitches look like when completed:

The purled stitches between newly knitted Giant Stitches stand out while on the needles, but once you work another row or two they settle in. The scarf is nearly and 1-inch thick, yet it's light as air. Amazing. I want to make one in every color.

Only a few rows left to go on the scarf, so next time we'll tackle the matching hat. Until then, I'm curious: Has anyone here tried crocheting with the roving yet?

- K1Paula2


Beautiful pumpkin color. I love working with wool. Something about the lanolin. Two strands is a plus as well. Can't wait to see the hat.

LOVE orange! Do you think the pattern would work for a young man? I am thinking grey.

Wow. I'm not sure if a guy would like it or not. While there's no frilly fringe or overtly girly details, it is, well.....pretty. I'm trying to picture it in gray, and....still pretty. Of course, you could always make one and keep it for yourself if it isn't masculine enough for a young man.