Lesson Learned

Photo 1Since I am the type of person who jumps in head first, it was only natural that I would choose a complex pattern as my first blog project. I chose the super cute, fun, Fair Isle Socks from the Socks in the City pattern book. The yarn, Kroy Socks in Mexicala Stripes and Coal, is just lovely to work with. Most of the time, I am fully prepared when starting a project. However, in the case of the Fair Isle Socks Debacle, I wasn't prepared. We are doing good now, but it's been a rough adventure.

For starters, I was wooed by these itty bitty square DPNs that I impulse purchased a while ago. Turns out, I don't get along with these needles and so I had to start sock #1 over. Not paying any attention at all, I cast on for attempt #2. After about 4 inches in, I realized that these socks were GIGANTIC.

Photo 2

Why you ask? I was using the wrong size needles. DOH! Rookie mistake. Attempt #3 was smooth sailing up until I turned the heel. This is where I got confused. The pattern calls for you to knit back and forth in order to maintain the fair isle pattern. However, this creates a HUGE hole in the bottom of the sock! I consulted Ravelry.com and began emailing others who have made these socks. They too had this issue. Why on earth would a sock be made this way and why wasn't I told about this!? Took a breather and when I picked the pattern book up again to figure this "hole dilemma", there it was, staring me in the face. The VERY last sentence of the pattern: SEW INSTEP SEAM.

Lesson learned. Read the WHOLE pattern!!



With socks that pretty I don't care if they're ten sizes too large. I want! Love the colors. Also, love the measuring tape.

I know - reading the whole pattern through before you cast on is SO not my priority! Lessons learned hard are ones that stick though!

Looking good! Like your colour choice. I'm working my way down the leg on my second sock. This one will go faster because, as you pointed out, after already completing the first sock, I've read the whole pattern. LOL! Really like using bamboo needles for these. I find it "grips" the yarn so you don't get slippery stitches falling off the resting needles. I'm curious about these square needles you spoke of. What are they intended for? Keep the blog coming!

What eye-catching colors! Those socks are gonna be gorgeous.