Knitting Loudly

I suppose my new moniker says it all. YoElizBo. I am here and I am ready to knit. And I will do so loudly with anyone who shares my love of sticks and yarn. You'll have to excuse my brash enthusiasm, but I live in a house full of boys--the DH included--so when I have a chance to get down and talk knitting, I bubble over.

I wasn't always surrounded by men, because I grew up in a family of crafty women. I learned to knit at my great-grandmother's knee. She lived with my grandparents, and when we went up to Camano Island where they lived, it was a toss up whether to spend time running wild on the beach, or sitting beside Num, as we all called her, and let her teach me the intricacies of knitting and crocheting. I still have a pair of slippers that she knit for me when I was young. I was probably about seven years old when I learned to knit, and have knit on and off all my life. There isn't a time when I don't cast on that I don't think of Num's beautiful, care-worn hands as she guided mine through my first uneven stitches.

My grandmothers both knit, and continued my lessons. My maternal grandmother was an expert knitter--and in the 60s, she knit her own dresses and suits to wear to her job as a court clerk. Yes, suits. I have examples of both and used to wear them to work myself when I worked at a law firm. I also still wear the wonderful sweater she made for me in the later part of her life. A well-worn and beloved treasure, indeed! And tumbling down the family tree, my mom and my aunts are all talented needlewomen, quilting and hooking rugs, sewing and crafting all sorts of things.

I remain the dedicated knitter of the bunch, having ditched all my other crafting inclinations to make space for my yarn and books.

If I was to describe myself, what sort of knitter I am, I would say I like to be challenged some days, others I simply adore the comfort of a simple project. I am also entirely curious, and love to try new techniques. I am a writer in my professional life, so I believe wholeheartedly that any craft, be it writing or knitting, is just that, a life-long experience that takes patience, practice, and a never ending desire to improve one's skills. I know this first hand, because even after forty some years of knitting, I am still just practicing.

As for my first project here at Patons....I think my choice is rather revealing.  I picked the pink and blue pair of Funky Monkeys, from Monkey Business. I chose these cuties for several reasons:

1) I've never knit a toy before. Lessons to be learned for certain.

2) Those monkeys are too darn adorable. When you live with boys, you have to take hold of some whimsical cuteness where you can get it.

3) They'll make perfect Easter presents. Forget bunnies!  Monkeys are way more fun.

4) I grinned when I saw them. The best reason of all.

So I would ask you, how you do you go about choosing what you are going to knit? Happenstance? Practical reasons? Love at first sight?



Yo, ElizBo! Welcome to the family. I happily pass the Unofficial Paton's New Knitter torch to your capable hands. (Yay! I'm no longer a newbie!) Funny side note, my hometown is the official home of the original Sock Monkey. Seriously. Our would-be mascot is a giant sock monkey named Nelson. He's even appeared on The Today Show, I believe.

any chance you could send me a pic of mascot, and the name of your town and state. my mom just passed away in October but I'll bet she made 100's of the sock monkeys and sold them at craft fairs, gave them to grandchildren, etc. It would round out her life scrapbook so nicely to have these items. Patti

Sorry, Patti, I don't have any pics of Nelson the Sock monkey. But if you do an image search of his name and "Rockford IL" something should come up. One of the local museums even does an annual sock monkey festival, so searching "sock monkey festival" and "Rockford IL" might come up with something. I hope that helps.

Welcome! I decide on my knitting projects based solely on emotion and impulse. ...which would explain the extreme number of UFOs I have floating around. But still, nothing can match that moment of excitement when you are starting something new that is calling to you.

Welcome YoElizBo - love the name :) I am a mix of both 'impulse' and 'love at first site'. I also LOVE to plan projects - chosing yarn, color, etc... That is the reason why I have so many UFOs.

Emotion, impulse, planning, and plain ole needs (like hats and mittens) drive my knitting! Frankly, a lot of my knitting is because of my stress levels these days. If I didn't knit SOMETHING I think I might just have to be committed (and not in a good way).

I don't think I've ever knit anything based on needs... Which is probably a good thing since it takes me 6 months to get anything done.

Thanks all! I am so excited to be here and be able to subject you all, I mean, share, my projects with you. :)

Usually I find a great sweater in a knitting book or magazine and fawn over it for a while, then gradually pick through all of my other books and magazines until I find something small and quick that I've already knit a dozen times, and go with that. Heh.

currently my knitting projects come from the round plastic looms. Although I just got a kitchen trash bag full of pastel baby yarns. Need to get out my finer posted loom to try those. Patti PS Paid $12 for about 20 skeins, 6 oz each. My kind of price.