Knitting: with Bobby Pins and Buttons

Project – Seed Stitch and Cables Bag
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Shetland Chunky in Lilac Lace
Blogger – JDKnits

I'm knitting away like a good girl on my seed stitch bag. The pattern for the front, back and flap are the same, so I don't have anything startlingly new to show you. However, I have been making notes and have some thoughts to share on knitting this pattern and I have some pictures to share.

Firstly, would you look at the way the Patons Shetland Chunky shows up the cable pattern? Gorgeous!

seed stitch & cable bag

Next, on to the knitting pattern itself. This is a really pattern for a cabled knitted bag. Although it looks very fancy, it is relatively simple. With a couple of simple strategies, you can make it almost automatic-pilot-knitting.

Simple Tips To Make Your Life Easier

  • Put a stitch marker after the first eight stitches and before the last eight stitches. This helps you remember to switch to p1, k1, p1 in time, and will stop you tinking that first purl stitch as often as I did. I'd also put a stitch marker before and after the 12-stitch middle section.
  • Use a row counter. You think you're going to remember where you are in the pattern but you won't. Trust me.

Non-Traditional Knitting Accessories

We knitters are a creative lot and our creativity is not restricted to colours and patterns. We love our supplies too.I've already used brads to mark button holes and heard from others who've used flipflops as forms for felted slippers; rubber bands to turn dpns into straight needles.

Now I bring you my cable needle trick: instead of a cable needle, I like to use a bobby pin/kirby grip (depending on where you are from, do they have other names?).

Apart from the fact that you can get 100 bobby pins for the price of one cable needle (and therefore are much more likely to be able to lay your hands on one) a bobby pin works really nicely as a cable needle. It grabs the dangling stitches firmly in between its little bumps and all I have to do is slip them back on to the left-hand needle and I'm away (I have a horror of dropping stitches that I'm working to overcome). It works really well for the single stitch cables but even the three-stitches in this weight of yarn go onto the bobby pin without any protest.

Three stitch cable

Finishing Touches

I bought some buttons for a previous project, but didn't use them. Happily, since I am drawn to the same colors over and over again, the buttons might work for this one. What do you think?

One world button



I usually do cabling without a cable needle.

What a great idea to place stitch markers before a pattern change!