Knitting as Any Good Auntie Would Knit

Project – Tiled Blocks Blanket (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch in  Purple Ping Pong, Stretchy Snow, Jungle Jump, Blue Boing
Blogger – JenWKnits

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had their first baby.  Now, I am lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters and several good friends whose children call me “Auntie” but this time – this time – I really am an Aunt! So, on hearing the news that a baby girl was born, I immediately got out my knitting needles and got to work.   My sister-in-law doesn’t like pink and while at first I thought that would be limiting; I’m pretty excited about the colors for my niece’s first Auntie-made blanket.

I choose the Tiled Blocks Blanket itself in large part because it is so cute and in small part because it looks like a blanket that will take the child from babyhood through toddler-hood and into little girlhood.  I want this blanket to be a long term favorite.

So- what do you think?  Is this a good first “hand made by Auntie” blanket?  Will my sister-in-law approve of the colors?



I say yes to both questions! Great colors and pattern. Have fun being an Auntie!

Thanks for answering my questions! I'm excited about this blanket - - being an auntie is fun :)

Fun! I love the Bernat Baby Stretch yarn, don't you?

I do love the yarn! This is my first time using it. It is easy to use, it hides my mistakes well, and the colors are fun!

These are my daughter's favorite colors - a great solution to the non-pink for girls!

YAY! I'm glad to hear your daughter likes these colors - I'm excited to give the blanket to my niece and her parents....but first I have some more knitting (and finishing) to do.

Love the colors and pattern. In fact I had been eyeing that one myself for my daughter, with similar colors!