Knitting 911

I will encourage all of you to have a 911 project. This is the project that you have ready for the needles in case of emergency, which I had this week.

Let me tell you what happened. I went to my mother's for lunch. We sat around for a while chatting (we love to chat) and knitting--me with my Michelle pullover, going gangbusters on the stockinette portion of the body and she with a charity hat for a newborn--she knits tons of these. We had lunch, and chatted more, did our usual exchange of books, dishes, yarns, patterns and food that we always end up doing and I came dashing home to pick the kids up from school, and here it comes, the too terrible to say part: I FORGOT MY KNITTING.

Yes, I forgot my knitting. How the heck does that happen? Forget the kids, yeah, sure. Forget the groceries in the cart--well, that happens to the best of us. But the knitting? I could almost hear the Shetland Chunky weeping from neglect.  And it isn't like Mom is just up the street--she's a good 45 minutes away, so I don't get up there but once a week. A week without my Michelle pullover? Horrors.

But then I remembered as I stood in the driveway gaping with shame and horror at the empty passenger seat of my car and realizing that my constant companion, my knitting, wasn't there, I had a 911 project close at hand.

My next Patons project had arrived not a few days earlier and just in time. Sort of like the Fates knew I would need it a bit early. I think it should be wearing a cape and have a giant P on the front of it. Like, "Here I am to save the day!" So, please, all of you out there: don't spend another minute reading my blog, unless you haven't read the blog below, then read it and then go and do this one single thing:

Put together a Knitting 911 bag right away. Believe me, one day you will thank me.

Have you ever lost or forgotten your knitting somewhere?



Oh no! This is why I don't normally tote knitting around. It's something I prefer to do at home - other than on Knit in Public Day. Of course, YoElizbo, while reading your post I thought, "Since the yarn didn't call out, 'Don't leave without me!' I guess it must stop talking to her as soon as she casts on." Glad you had a back-up, but I hope the Michelle Pullover doesn't get jealous and give you grief when you get it back.

I always have so many projects going that a bit of lost knitting isn;'t a big deal--but that particular week I had done some really hard core finishing and had nothing, I mean NOTHING, else on the needles. But I can always be talked into starting a new project. :)