Knitters Embrace Climate Change

Project – Pedicure Socks
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Sock Stretch in Fruit Slices
Blogger – JDKnits

Ah, Fall: a knitter's favourite time of year. (This is a kind of climate change we can really get behind!)

A new season brings new projects. Lots of new projects (I think I have a problem). Here are (just) some of the new projects that are on my list

Knitting For Boys

Remember a while back when I asked you to vote on my next knitting project?

Here's the winner:

Boys Zip Neck Pullover in Patons Canadiana

I'm going to knit it in Patons Canadiana in Leap Frog, since green is the recipient's favourite colour.

Since I'm not the most organized of knitters, I didn't actually order the yarn until I had finished up my last project (d'oh!). Instead of a picture of the work in progress I'm going to post a picture of the intended model:


(Don't worry, he won't get near my handknits until he has washed his face several times!)

Crazy-Weather Socks

The trees say it is autumn and a couple of weeks ago the rest of the climate agreed. There was a nip in the air, I dug out all my sweaters and hand-knitted socks (with some glee, I might add. I'm not a warm-weather person). Then, abruptly, the temperature shot back up to the high 70s. There is still a nip in the morning air, but by afternoon I'm stripping off layers.

What's a poor knitter to do?

Well, my solution is to knit these:

 Pedicure Socks in Patons Stretch Sock

They are called "Pedicure socks" but I'm going to rename them Crazy Weather Socks. I can wear them around the house with flip-flops to defray some of the morning chill and then whip them off and stuff them in my bag in the afternoon.

I might be tempted to do some sort of un-pickable cast-off edge along the open toe end so that I can go back in a couple of months and knit toes onto them (I do like to wear flip flops in winter as slippers, and have had to knit myself several pairs of thong-friendly socks as a result).

Hmm, what would you do if you wanted to make a non-permanent or easily-un-pickable bind off?



Wonder if the pedicure socks would work in a men's size. I have a cousin with a reputation for wearing socks with his flip-flops. It could make a funny Christmas gift.

You coud always pick up the row before the cast off, cut the cast off row, pull it out and knit from there. I can't wait to see the sweater. I have a little guy would love a green sweater.

These Crazy Weather Socks remind of the Patons Yoga Socks pattern. I've never seen anyone wear them in yoga (maybe because I live in a warm climate) but they interest me all the same. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater and socks!

Paula, I think the bigger sizes would probably work for men. I have pretty big feet and the yarn IS stretchy. Maybe knit a longer foot, that's all. And they are quick, so you could still get them done before Christmas! Terri, that's a good idea. Much as I hate picking up stitches... Shoutgal, I think I would slip and fall if I tried to do yoga in socks. Then again, that could well happen even without the socks...Oh but wait, the pattern you suggested keeps the balls and heels of the feet free. They're like little legwarmers for your feet. Cute!

Maybe I could knock a pair out quickly, but I already have about 5 projects left to do for Christmas. And before Christmas I want to re-knit the shawl collar on a sweater I made for myself. I used Paton's Pure, but it's not a Paton's pattern...hence the issue with the collar. They said to pick up "about" two of every three stitches from the bottom right to the bottom left, saying only to have an odd number. No estimates like, "should be at least 201 stitches" or 307 or 559. I thought I had way too many, but I had way too few....