Kaleidoscope Blanket - week 5

Project – Kaleidoscope Blanket
Pattern Book – At Home #500881
Yarn – Patons Canadiana – the New Generation
Blogger - terriknitspatons

Week 5 is a happy week indeed.  Why?

They are done!  These are the cheeriest stack of squares I can imagine.  They make me smile.

I finished up the squares a week earlier than I expected and now it is time for the sewing.  Have you ever had to sew together such a large project?  I am a little intimidated, but so excited to be able to wrap up in this blanket, that I plan to begin right away.



OK, that's just TOO pretty to resist...can't make myself do the seaming, so found an acquaintance who will seam it for me in return for my knitting a baby sweater for her new 1st grand young'un...she crochets but can't knit, I won't seam...what a deal..what luck! Going to the website for the yarn....right NOW!!

Don't be afraid. It goes so much faster if you sew them into strips first then sew the strips together. The squares look so pretty!! I can't wait to see the finished project.