Kaleidoscope Blanket - week 4

Project – Kaleidoscope Blanket
Pattern Book – At Home #500881
Yarn – Patons Canadiana – the New Generation
Blogger - terriknitspatons

The last posted ended with Color 1 and looked something like this

Its true that the color I left you with was blue, now it is pink, but everything else is just the same.  It is time to join Color 2.  I really struggled with this join the first few dozen squares.  The instructions say to join  the new color by pulling up a loop.  Normally this is just fine, but the loop is being pulled up through a big space with nothing to hold it in place and is followed by a Single Crochet.  I could not always get that loop to stay put, and often one of the legs of the stitch would undo itself.  I decided to improvise.  Being a new crocheter I probably do this more often than I realize.  Instead of just pulling up a single loop, I grabbed both the tail and the working yarn and pulled them BOTH through.

I then proceeded with my Single Crochet.

It means the corner is not quite symmetrical

but in the end it does not matter a bit.

The round goes very fast, lots of chains connected in three spots on the sides.

The last round goes slower and is my least favorite.  Not because it is full of Double Crochet, although it is, it is because of the chains from the previous round.  They are floppy.  I like to hold my squares up while I work on them.  The floppy nature of this round means they need the support of a leg or table, my stitches slow down trying to add the structure of almost 100 Double Crochet.  But it does feel good when it is done.

All that is left are a couple rows of Single Crochet to finish off the square.  Well, that and the ends.  My biggest piece of advice for this project is to weave in your ends as you go.  Do not save them as the last step in the entire blanket.  Why?

Each square has 8 ends that need to be woven in.  8 ends times 42 squares, saved until the end of a project could drive a person mad.  Trust me, weave as you go.

Then you can add one more square to your stack.

Just a few more squares to go.  They should all be done by the time I post again.  I am pretending that I do not have to actually sew the squares together.  In my world I am going to lay them out on the floor and go to bed.  While I sleep, little fiber elves will do all the sewing and cover my slumbering body with the finished blanket.  sigh



love the colors. when i switch color when crocheting, i always work the next few stitches over the tail, too.not only does it secure the new color, it weaves the ends in automatically.

Agree with K1Paula2 (cute) . My mother always pulled the new color through one of the previous color stitches from front to back, THEN pulled up the first stitch, leaving a tail which she worked it. And Teri, as stunning as that blanket is, the seaming part is what prevents me from considering it. I amassed two yard garbage bags full of blocks for various projects, which I eventually donated to a club to put together for charity. If it involves seaming, it's not for me. If someone knows a way to put 'em together without seaming, let me know!

Thank you for the tip about securing the tail. I am going to give it a try.