Kaleidoscope Blanket - week 3

Project – Kaleidoscope Blanket
Pattern Book – At Home #500881
Yarn – Patons Canadiana - the New Generation

Instead of showing you piles of squares week after week, some round by round photos might be more helpful.

Round One is as simple as can be.  Double Crochet all the way around.

Round Two is also Double Crochet, but there is a Chain Stitch in between each Double Crochet.

For the life of me I can not remember to do that Chain Stitch.  I have made a couple dozen squares, but have had to rework that second round on almost every one.  Doh!

Round Three is the first color change and one of my favorite rounds.

I have found that if you put your hook down into the stitch on the last round, instead of on top if it, you get a sunray sort of effect.  I just love the way this looks.

These pretty circles would make great Christmas ornaments, or ties on a birthday package, or strung as a garland across the window...so many options.

Round Four was initially the most difficult for me.  For whatever reason, my brain did not see the simple sequence and it meant I was going line by line, word by word, over the instructions each time.  It was a slow round, and once I understood the order I wondered what took me so long to get it.  The round starts with a Chain 5 that is turned in to a loop.

I found the easiest way to join the loop was to pick up the crochet and turn the entire thing around.

The circle is formed with a Slip Stitch.

Turn the piece around to its original position and you are ready to continue.

I always smile after the second loop because it looks like ears.

You make four loops and those become the corners of your square.  There is nothing tricky about the next round and when you are finished you have something that looks like this.

With that photo, I have lost my light.  I will join a new color and finish up the square in the next post.  I LOVE this project!!!



You're squares are coming along nicely. But I just love your crochet hook. It looks so ergonomic--must be comfortable to work with.

Thank you Dina. the hook is from Addi and I do love it. More expensive, but you only need to buy it once, so it is worth the extra money.