Kaleidoscope Blanket - week 2

Project – Kaleidoscope Blanket
Pattern Book – At Home #500881
Yarn – Patons Canadiana - the New Generation

The Kaleidoscope Blanket pattern uses 7 colors in 6 different color combinations to make 42 squares, and then borders it all with white to make a blanket.  My plan was to make one color combination, 7 squares, each week.

I am a new crocheter and there was a learning curve involved with the first few squares.  The pattern is written very well, no mistakes at all.  At the spots where I was not sure where to place a stitch I refered to the chart.  I had no idea there were crochet charts, they are very helpful and I see myself using them more and more as I become familiar with the symbology.  After a week I had seven lovely squares.

Each of those first squares took over an hour to make and I began to wonder if my plan of making seven each week was reasonable.

The second batch of seven took less time as I got a feel for how each of the rounds stacked up.

At this point I  had memorized the pattern and the third set practically flew off the hook.

The little "sun" in the center is my favorite part.

I was hoping to have finished 14 squares at the end of week 2, and I have 21.  Woo Hoo!

21 puts me at the halfway point!    Week 3's post will contain round by round photos with helpful hints.  Even if you are a new crocheter like me this is a doable project.  It is so satisfying to put another finished square on the stack.

What colors will you use for your blanket?



Oh, I LOVE it!! Absolutely GORGEOUS! I just can't get enough of those beautiful colors. Wonderful work.

I love this blanket! The colours are so bright and cheery. I haven't crocheted in about ten years but picked this pattern up really quickly. I found it easier to memorize the pattern if I did the first two colours on all of the squares first. Now I'm working on second two colours. I have run out of tangy, lime juice and dark teal though. I'm hoping I can still get the same dye lot. If not, hopefully I can stagger those squares throughout the blanket if there is a noticeable difference.

I love the color combinations you've picked for the blanket. The squares are pretty neat! I am curious about this new yarn too.

Thank you all for your nice comments!