Joining Up

This isn't a recruitment call, but when you join up a sweater, you really do need all your ducks (and wits) in a row. You've got the body on one set of needles, and, if you are like me, one sleeve on needles and the other on waste yarn. Then you have to keep all your stitches in line, make sure you take out the underarm stitches in the right places, and add the sleeves to the mess of stitches with you are already knitting.

So with the body ready and the sleeves standing by...

... I took a deep breath and added one sleeve to the body, knit across the back, added the other sleeve to the new available needle, knit across them and then across the front and voila:

One little tip I like to point out, in the underarms: I never cast off the underarm stitches - I always put them on waste yarn - so I can graft them together later.

This makes a cleaner, neater join than sewing the two cast off edges together.

And hurrah - the patterns lined up, and even though there are a ton of stitches on my poor circs, I am on the downhill side of this cardigan. At least I tell myself this.


Love your tip about not casting off the underarm stitches!