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Hello, regarding pattern "Mirbeau Slip Stitch Blanket", has there been a correction? I am having a problem with the pattern. Could you please look into this and let me know, many thanks,

Hi Cy, We are unaware of any corrections for this pattern. If you find any issues with it, please contact and let them know specifically what you're finding. Thanks!

I am 77 almost 78 on the 29th of Nov. and just wanted to THANK YOU so much for the men & ladies scarfs you have together...only thing is that I would really appreciate (& other ladies) having them shown in light colors so we can see more of the pattern or sts. Just a suggestion; seeing that those of us on a limited income cannot pay for patterns these are greatly appreciated ... and a group of patterns of same types is even better!!!! Thanks so much for the group of scarves. a NuttyKnitter!!(Ruth)

I'm having difficulty with the Kansas City Cowl - plain st st does not yield the same pattern that is shown for the cowl. Also, the cable insert looks much more detailed than the one I ended up with. Are there any corrections for this pattern?

Hi Miriam, I sent your question on to our pattern support department. They should contact you soon via email. Thanks!

I have just created our account in Pinterest. I will definitely follow you later. Thanks!

I have many of your patterns that I use and make small afghans for children who are in the hospital floor. I don't get to see them given to the kids but here they are so happy, that is what is important. Your yarn is so soft! I would like to see what you send to Ruth, I'm 64.

Have Adelaide circle vest pattern ,I am having problems with the instructions. Age 70's and have crouched many years.. Generally I can get help from many friends, however this pattern is giving all of us problems. Can anyone advise me help with the armholes row 7! Thanks. Hamburg, ny.