Join the Granny Revolution

Project – Swingy A-Line Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530135 Kool Kids
Yarn – Bernat Cottontots in Country Red, Country Pink, and Country Green
Blogger – DinaPurls

And I'm not talking about grandparents, LOL.  I'm referring to my lovely granny squares.  Aren't they just cute?

They are super easy to make and I'm loving the feel of the Cottontots as it passes through my hands--very soft.  Unfortunately I failed to consider one thing: all those ends!  With all the colour changes, there will be lots and lots ends to weave in.  And we all know my track record with finishing?  :S

Check out all those squares (and that's not even all of them).

Check out all those ends to be woven!

Not too pleased about that.  In fact, I hadn't even thought about that when I chose this project.  Ah well . . . maybe I'll try to weave in ends as I go along.  More likely I'll whip through all the crochet and spend a few days weaving . . . ugh!

Meanwhile, back to my hook.

DinaPurls :)


I never have to weave in many ends. I just crochet the previous color tail right into the next round. It works great. The only tails I have are at the very end of a final round. I too love the cottontots and would like to make a summer T with. I think it would be so soft and comfy.

I'll have to try that tip for another crochet project, Philly53. It would have saved me lots of time. And I agree that the Cottontots would make a very comfy summer tee.

I've completed many afghans and consider my self an intermediate crocheter. I'm trying to complete your Lapel Jacket for my 18 month nephew. I got through the easy part, but cannot understand the directions at: Shape Sides: Next Row. I completed the 28 hdc's in the chain 31. Then went to Next Row and chained 30 and did the sc in the chains. I did not finish off as it did not say so in the pattern. Now I have two strings with either hdc or sc in them attached and I don't understand how they make up the sides, etc. I do not understand how this attaches to the 5" ending on a WS row. Perhaps I never will via email, but please help!!! If you have a video of this Lapel Jacket, I would greatly appreciate it. Love my Bernat yarn and want to buy more for other projects but desparately need help in Florida.... Thanks.

Oh I wish I could help, but I'm just getting re-aquainted with crochet after a long absence. I hope another reader can offer some assistance. Have you tried the crochet forums at Ravelry? One of them has crochet experts to offer help.

they are very cute!

Thanks Tirelou! I think they're cute too. :)

LOVE the color combination! So fresh and pretty!

Thanks Sandy! The further I get along in the project, the more I love the colours.

I really like how this is coming out! Granny squares are some of my favorites to crochet, and to have in blankies!! :) I think they look so cozy. Yours are turning out just beautifully!

Thanks Kristin! I love granny blankets too--and so easy to make.

I'm with Philly53. I crochet the end in as I go along too, and simply trim off the little smidge that invariably gets left behind. The ends never come loose, even after lots of washings, if you do it this way.

As I mentioned to Philly53, your tip is great. Good to hear the end doesn't come loose with washing. I'll know better for future crochet projects ('cuz I'll definitely be crocheting again).