It's in the Bag

Project – Knitting Tote
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Dragon Dance
Blogger – K1Paula2

In my last post I showed you the un-felted pieces of the knitting tote. I'd never felted using baking soda before, but it worked well and even seemed to reduce the, um... distinctive scent of wet wool.
The pattern suggested using a gift box covered in plastic to help shape the body of the bag. I took a large gift box - the size a sweater might come in - and slipped a couple of plastic grocery bags over it. This is a bagless post-drying demonstration of the box's perfect fit:

Everything felted well in just two cycles:

The fun really began with the needle felting. I finally found a store with needle felting supplies, but the selection was paltry. Not wanting to spend $25 on a big fancy kit with several needles and a brush base when I didn't know if I'd enjoy it, I opted for the $5 kit with two single needles and a block of heavy-duty foam. I didn't get started until after 9 PM, but couldn't stop until I'd finished needle felting the designs on all three pockets. I freehanded it, finally finishing around 11:30.

You start by outlining your design (here, a sweater):

Then fill in as you go. The instructions said not to try to completely cover the felted fabric.

The hardest part of making the bag was assembling it. Even my sharp, pointy, heavy-duty tapestry needle was hard to push through two thick layers of felt. Yes, I stabbed myself a few times, but only drew blood once. One trick really helped: I put on a gardening glove - the kind with those little rubber dots to help grip things. So much easier and faster! Even so, I took my time assembling the bag just to let my hands rest now and then.

Here's the finished product:

It's even larger than I'd envisioned. Very sturdy, too. Don't you think very knitter deserves a great bag like this?



Wow! That turned out great!

Thanks. Seeing the photos on line, I wish I'd thought to put on some funky nail polish. If my (soon to be) 6-year old niece sees those photos she'll be disappointed. She may have to do my nails when I see her tomorrow....

OMG, that is soooo cute! I love it! When are you going to make me one? :D Now I really need to learn to knit. I'd put dragonflies on it though :D

Remember your last felted bag, Connie? You got the wrong yarn and has me make it anyway. The UnFelted Felted Bag.

Had. She had me make it.

I LOVE it and can't wait to see it in person! The colors turned out really nice.

Wow - I had to you like a hawk so the bag didn't "accidentally" find it's way into the box full of the kids' birthday presents yesterday! Funny how that box wound up right by the felted tote when you guys loaded up to go home. Luckily for me, you opted for the "will you will it to me?" angle instead. Glad the Princess loves her Ladybug pillow!

Watch. I had to watch her like a hawk.

Oh! I love it. And I really love your use of the variegated yarn. Wonderful. I don't suppose you want to make them for all your knitting buddies... Hint hint......

Oh, but this is a project knitters need to do themselves. It was so simple, too. Put it on your To Knit list. You won't regret it.

That is so cute . . and practical. Love the sheep -- all three free-hand designs actually -- and the bright, cheerful colors. Good job!

This is a big hit! A friend was just telling me yesterday she wants to learn to needle felt. Will have to point her at this post. And once again, a great tip on the gardening gloves. I think we have to write an article collecting together all the non-knitting-supply accessories we have used in our knitting lives!