It all comes crashing down

Sometimes you have to wonder about knitting karma. I'm not sure what I did to futz with the knitting gods, but this week was one for the record books.

As you may know, I've been working on the Cable Vest from Patons Luxury Knits.

Things have been going _really_ well. I'm about 2/3rds done with the torso, having a blast. I usually carry just a few extra balls of yarn in my 'project bag', keeping the rest at home. I realized a few days ago that I hadn't seen my bag with all of the extra yarn for a little while, but assumed it would pop up. I looked halfheartedly a few times, but now that I need it, it's serious. I can't figure out where or how I lost track of a _bag of yarn_, but I guess I did. By now I've turned my house upside down (ok, correction: I've turned my teeny apartment upside down), still no yarn. Not in the kitchen, not under the bed, not even in the stash (I thought it might have been lonely and went to visit its buddies)! I may have to buy more and play 'match the dye lot', or... keep looking.

Oh but wait, that's not all...

As I sat and knit the vest, retracing my steps yet again, I took a nice long look at the vest. It looks amazing, but it also looks tiny.

I have some trouble with sizing perspective here, being a big girl knitting a size XS/S for a friend. Of course it looks tiny! It is tiny! But I'm starting to wonder if it's too tiny. I laid it out flat and busted out the measuring tape. 14.5 inches across... oh *&#$. I know there are folks out there who are 29 inches around, I'm just not sure that my friend is one of them (since the actual pattern size is for 29-34 inch busts), and personally, a little bit of ease is also a good thing.

The obvious bright side here is that perhaps I don't need to find my bag of yarn after all. Hooray?

You may be wondering where I went wrong - I did swatch, and got gauge. The problem, I suspect, is that the gauge swatch was in stockinette and the pattern is largely cabled. That's fine if you cable with a light hand, but I suspect I may cable somewhat tightly. I'm somewhat confident this will work out in the blocking (the beauty of natural fibers), but I will be doing a few increases in the bust area.

I'm trying to reach my friend, get myself an official torso measurement, and see if we can work with what I've got. In the meantime, does anyone have a teeny friend who could use an amazing vest that might be made out of two different dye lots?




Seriously? You lost yarn!? As a fellow yarn crafter I have no choice but to call the authorities, so prepare for a thorough investigation. When They come, They'll probably find the yarn, but unfortunately, will remove it from your care.

Dang! I'm sure the yarn will turn up somewhere...and probably as soon as you replace it! As for size, I dunno. I think negative ease is good in this case. Can you find someone your friend's size to try on your work in progress?

Dude. Jen. That would totally fit me. :-D I haven't worn a vest in probably 18 years, but if all else fails, I'm here for ya.

Thanks Linz - that's good to know. Actually, I'll send this to the recipient (Cheryl), but if it doesn't fit her, It's good to know there can be a second home. It's really pretty after all.