Introducing Caron Simply Soft Neons and a Simply Soft Neons Giveaway!

Meet the newest members of the Caron Simply Soft family - Caron Simply Soft Neons! These 5 new shades are perfect for kids' craft and kids' gear projects as well as trendy and fun neon garments and accessories for adults! Plus, they've got the same amazing softness and stunning sheen as the rest of the Caron Simply Soft Shade range!


Take a look at some of our favorite new projects to create with these hot new shades!

Stylin' Sweater

'Who's There?' Pullover

Kids' Craft - Bookmark

Kids' Craft - Hanger

Kids' Craft - Mock Basket

Kids' Craft - Scrunchies

Kids' Craft - Sunshine Wall Hanging

ss-stylin-sweater1-lg Stylin' Sweater in Neon Coral

Want to get your hands on the new shades? Enter our giveaway and you could win 1 ball of each of the new shades to get started on your next project! To enter, just answer the question below!
The giveaway question is: What would you make with the new Caron Simply Soft Neon shades?
Comment on this post with your answer to the question, and you could be our winner!

We'll be randomly selecting a winner from the comments of this post on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013.


I think I'd start with neon pink fingerless gloves. Then I'll make neon green slippers...and then...WOW! So many ideas, so little time.

I recently stumbled upon Caron Simply Soft yarn and it is becoming my new "go to" yarn. The new neon colours would most likely be made into a picnic blanket / afghan ... a granny stripe or garter knit stripe. Either way it will be well used and well loved. Thank you .... /leslie

These are awesome. I would make a matching hat, scarf, and mittens set for my 6 year old daughter.

My 15-month old looks great in neon anything! I would probably make a sweater or hat for her for the fall.

I would make my niece a Lapghan with all of these neon colors. She likes the neon colors, especially green and purple.

Hats and mittens for the homeless. They deserve beautifully soft and warm garments, too. Oh, and legwarmers, and cowls. The colors are divine, and they are my favorite to work with....warmth and joyousness in one fell swoop!

Catnip mice for my daughters cats,baby items for the shower next month and a purse! I love Caron yarns!

I would make a fun '80s style blanket to keep warn this winter. Thanks for the fun new colors.

I would make a sweater for each of my nieces with the new Caron Simply Soft Neon shades

I would make a hoodie scarf. : )

I would make a sweater for my daughter, she loves bright colours.

A granny square blanket. Nice to see the brites are back!!!

I would make my husband a hunting cap out of the neon orange, and hats for my grandchildren with the other colors.

I would make beautiful little girl a beautiful sweater and I would make another sweater for another beautiful little girl.

I would love to make a little bolero for my great-granddaughter who lives in South Carolina. I'm her G-Pa and I live in Louisiana, and I don't want her to forget me. Neon colors would be good so that if she wanders away from her mother or father she would be easy to find.

Something for my grand children!

I would crochet toques and scarves for the kids in our inner city schools. This is an onging project I am involved in and these neon colours would surely brighten things up.

I would make a Nyan Cat scarf for my little one! :)

I would/will make a baby blanket, most likely a bobble stitch blanket, probably a granny bobble blanket, for my step daughter's baby that's on the way!

Something for my grandchildren

I would love to make a beach coverup with this yarn. The simply soft yarn drapes beautifully and is the best yarn I have ever used for wearable projects..

I would make a ripple afghan in neon green and neon pink--my niece's favorite colors! Ahhh gorgeous and soft and cuddly....

I'd make a little summertime bolero with the Neon Orange Simply Soft Neon and wear it with white pants.

I love these colours! You've made me very happy. With the yellow, a striped hat, maybe against a neutral like tan. Something to make it pop. I'd love some fingerless mitts in the pink. Coral is one of my favorites. I'm thinking a headband, something I could wear even when it's really hot out. Oh, you've made me very excited with these colours! I can't wait to try them!

I would love make funky slippers for my teenage grandchildren, and sweaters for the little ones.

I would make the cover up for my granddaughter and probably a little purse or bag to go with it. I love the bright colors and she is very into pink!

I'ld make the Who's There sweater for my soon to be 4 years old niece.

I'd crochet a really cool neon retro geometric-themed blanket.

What pretty colors! I'd love to make some bright amigurumi with them!

I know, I know, I did make a pair of mittens for my daughter...she loovves neon pink!

I think my new grandson would love some crocheted blocks to play with!

Would make funky afghan for granddaughter's bed!

I would make either a sweater or a colorful afghan with this beautiful yarn. Love Simply Soft more reasons to keep buying !

Neon! I'm imagining an oversize doily rug to warm up a cold tile floor in the winter. WOW!

I'd make some of the crocheted pullovers and give them to the families in the local safe house for abused women and their these shades!

I'm on an afghan kick - Simply Soft makes the coziest wrapups! I'd probably make a neon green afghan.


I would make monsters. Lots and lots of glowing monsters.

Love the new neon yarn! I'd make an '80s neon striped blanket for the fall.

Initially I'm thinking an afghan but since whatever I make would go to our church for their bazaar I'm thinking ear warmers.

I would add this to my stash of Caron Simply Soft that I use to crochet for charitable organizations. The Simply Soft is excellent yarn to use for NICU and full term baby items, chemo hats.... I could go on for days about how wonderful this yarn is :)

The first project would be the pink and scrunchies!! Next would be either a shawl or a lap blanket with the yellow and the green...

A gray and neon scarf!

A gray and neon scarf (if this posted more than once, sorry! I had to login)

O just love these! I ahve tons of ideas, but for starters I would make some tops for the new babies in our family; then maybe some toys for my grandson; then maybe some lapghans for the church group; then maybe some mittens; the maybe.....

I have been using caron simply soft yarn for ALL of my projects so far. I am imagining to crochet a children's blanket with black yarn as the neutral. Love these colors!!

The orange will be perfect for hunter's gear! I'm already thinking about a pattern for a bucket hat that I have...I usually have some extras in my car if I wind up walking where hunters might be for my job!

I would make socks. Or a hat.

I would make bright baby afghans because I think babies need bright colors to develop their eyes

I think I would make a poncho and a hat for a very special little girl I know. Her parents lost her due to abuse and her grandma has her now. I have been helping them out with clothing and toys. She has a baby sister also. So yes I would make something for both of them to keep them warm this winter.