I'm lovin' it!

Project – Boldly Colored Plaid Afghan
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret, Navy
Blogger – knittinjen

Afghan knitting is FUN. For years (and years) I have wanted to knit an afghan, in fact, when my mom taught me to knit about 30-years-ago I worked on garter stitch squares with plans for an afghan. (Said squares are in our basement storage room – not in afghan form.) Truthfully I have longed for one but have steered clear of making one because of my inability to stay on task, to not come down with a terrible case of startitis, or simply bore myself into certain death. I should admit, however, to having made a small blankie for one of the twins and the other twin's is still on needles somewhere in the house.

As I suspected Patons Decor yarn is fantastic to work with and is so soft and squishable I can hardly contain myself! The k1b (knit one below) stitch is simple and because I decided to make some of the squares all garter stitch the knitting goes really fast.

My last photos showed only a few days' worth of work and I had one strip nearly finished. While I've had a busy week with the kids, job and life I have been able to steal away time to knit. I completed that first strip and started the second one at knit night.

See - this is coming along - Squeee!

You know what I’ve been thinking (how could you really)? This afghan would make a good group charity project. Find five or six of your knitting buds to each work up a strip and then find some sucker a good finisher to sew them all together. Even a beginner could work up a strip! How about a group making a shower gift? It would be good baby afghan – all you'd have to do is make the strips shorter. Can you imagine it out of the soft colors of Bamboo Baby? Not into "baby" colors? Patons Pure has rich colors like Marine, Taupe and Grey. Plus Pure gives you the added bonus of being organic cotton and would be incredibly soft on a newborn's skin. I am actually drooling!

Gotta get back to it,

– knittinjen


I just love the colors you selected. Now I am going to have to make one for my favorite charity...Knit for the Navy.

I have never heard of Knit for the Navy. Tell us more about it!

Knit for the Navy is a group that was started on Navy for Moms.com. The idea is to create hand made afghans/blankets for our sailors in the Navy to give them a touch of home when they are out to sea and far from their families. They have accepted knitted, crocheted, hand woven, quilted and fleece blankets for the sailors. Neat idea I think. :)

I bought yarn to make an afghan - two actually! and haven't started either. So far I like the instant gratification of smaller projects and I'm not sure I'd finish the afghan! I like this idea as an alternative! :)

I'm with you on the instant gratification thing. But am also pleased with how this particular pattern is coming along. It's portable and unlike some small projects, it's mindless. I love that I can take it to knit night and not get confused. The color changes keep things interesting for me. You've got the yarn - now you just need to go for it!