I will wear this sweater!

Project – Flower Cardigan
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Satin in 04431 Wine Mist Heather
Blogger – MichelleCrochets

The flower cardigan is complete!  Oh, by the way, there aren't any flowers on it.  I'm not a big embroidered flower fan in the first place.  Add to that, the plum/fern color combo has a ton more contrast than the original pattern.  Those flowers might very well have arrived in the room 5 minutes ahead of me.  I also took a vote among my friends about adding the contrasting fern colors to the neckline and was resoundingly told to keep it plum only around the neck.   I like the way the cardigan drapes and it is wonderfully soft and fuzzy.

I'll recap the "finishing" process for you:  I tried mattress stitch for the first time to seam the shoulders and sleeves.  It is a wonderfully invisible seam that added no bulk - which is critical in crochet.   Look up this stitch in the Bernat Finishing Reference - it is genius.

I haven't found any buttons I like that would work well with this sweater, so I'm fine with doing without for now.  And I blocked like crazy!

Bernat Satin is acrylic but still benefits from a gentle and careful steam blocking to really finish off the look.  NEVER let the steam iron touch the fabric.  The yarn will melt & smell because it is a synthetic fiber and you will have killed your garment.  I used a protective cotton cloth to remind me not to touch the iron down.  I held the iron in a hovering motion above the cloth until the steam warmed it.  Every 10 seconds or so I removed the iron and pressed the cloth (and the carefully positioned garment underneath) with the flat of my hand.  Several passes over each section really helped remove some of the curling on the edges.  I did this again on the completed sleeve and shoulder seams but with a towel rolled up inside these areas to help it retain the proper shape.

I'm excited to start my next project - the Crochet Vest in the Beautiful Bamboo pattern book.  Check back next time for details.



Your sweater looks awesome! Love the wonderful plum colour. And you're a fast crocheter. Looking forward to reading about your next project. :)

Great Job. Looks good!

Yay! Great work!

Thanks. It was an interesting learning experience and I'm definitely taking some new skills forward. Hopefully each sweater will get just that much better each time.