I should have seen that coming, but I didn't

I've been jamming on my Scalloped Edge Cardigan with the Bernat Mosaic yarn.  The pattern is really easy to remember and I had the main body section done in no time at all.  The pattern is constructed in one piece from the bottom up.  Once you get to the armholes, you work each of the top front sections and the top back section - fastening off at each section and leaving room for the armholes.

So far, everything looks beautiful - but this is a pattern that was designed with a solid color yarn and I'm using a variegated.  As I attached new yarn and started one of the front sections, I discovered I had a "matching" problem.   The front top section only took about  8 or so rows.  When  I stepped back, I saw that the beautiful colorway that was represented in the bottom of the cardigan was entirely masked in that front section. 

The color changes are really long - great for blankets, shawls, or most things made in one piece.  Here, it is changing the sweater into a tonal top and a more wild bottom.  So I've got to play with colors and skeins to see where I am best breaking yarns to make the most attractive look.

I did not see this coming, but I am so glad it happened.  My experiences with variegated yarns were never on garments and I'm really interested in learning all the different ways to solve this problem.



This sounds like something I would do - looking forward to seeing how you solve this problem. Looks beautiful so far!