I "Heart" Socks

Project – Basic Fine Sock
Patons Pattern Book #500861 – Next Steps Four – Socks and Slippers
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks in Sailor Stripes
Blogger – YoElizbo

I must confess, when all else fails, I knit a pair of socks. Actually, I always have a pair on the needles. For two reasons, they are my comfort knitting, and I adore wearing handknit socks. But I hate knitting a second sock. So I found a work around that works for me. I knit both socks in tandem.

I cast on one and do either the ribbing or the toe (depending on if it is toe up or not), then I repeat that step for the second sock. Trading back and forth, in a tortoise and the hare sort of fashion, I knit my pair of socks at the same time, and by the time I finish the first one, the second one is nearly completed

Here are my Simple Socks in the new colorway Sailor Stripes, both of them knit to about where I want to divide off for the heel turn. I only have one pair of DPNs in this size, so I am having to swap them out when I change socks, but that's not such a big deal.

I actually have a book on how to knit two socks at once, but that sort of defeats the purpose in my mind--after all, I am knitting socks because I want to just knit without thinking. Well, I do think when I am knitting. About how warm and cozy these socks will be come the colder months.

And I will remember the lovely evenings that I spent on the deck knitting to sounds of hummingbirds and the kids playing.

What is your go-to project for simple summer knitting?



What a great colorway! So fun and summery. I have to admit that I also have a pair of socks on the needles at all times. A grab and go project I can always count on.

My go-to easy summer knitting is also socks. Like you, I have a sock on the needles all of the time and mine goes with me everywhere. The Sailor Stripes colorway is great!!