I couldn’t stand it

I don’t see myself as a perfectionist but I’m beginning to wonder.

Some would say that a person who procrastinates is actually a perfectionist because they will put off doing said thing (dishes, a school assignment, a work project, etc.) in order to do it perfectly, or they won’t do it at all. I would say I am a procrastinator and I’m thinking perfectionism is knocking at my door.

Awareness, they say, is the first step…

After looking and thinking about it so much (I actually had a dream. Seriously.) I decided I have to tear out the knitted-in the-round trim and re-do. Frog it. I went ahead and did the second slipper the proper way and like it better – even if I do have to sew another seam.

See how much better it looks?


I still say the pattern falls a bit short on explaining this, particularly for the beginner. But then again, I might be sleep deprived just enough (remember I have a 3-month-old and am working 40 hours a week) to not get it (and there isn’t enough coffee in the world - gasp!).

Look how pretty these look in the pattern book:


My final step before felting was to knit and add the straps. Again I knit both at the same time. It occured to me that the amount of stitches it called to cast on seemed few, but I went with it (trying to change my ways and TRUST the pattern). I knit along as directed and end up with these small straps that I'm not convinced are going to work after felting. See this picture? (Compare mine from the photo below to the example from the pattern book in the photo above.) This thing is short! I'm scared.


If these slippers end up fitting me I'll be lucky! But, I have only myself to blame. Does the word SWATCH mean anything to you?

Well, check back soon. Post felting pictures soon to be revealed.


Hi Jen, The straps do look short. I hope they turn out because I think I wear bigger shoes than you so you won't send them on to me!!! I would like to try the pattern so I'll be waiting to see the results. Ann