How Does Your Lace Grow?

Project – Lacy Shell
Bernat Pattern Book #530163 Beautiful Bamboo
Yarn – Bernat Bamboo in Rain Garden
Blogger – DinaPurls

Not as slowly as my garden.  Ha!  But grow it does.  Managed to get through the back piece and am now working on the front.

The striping worked well in the lace section.  Overall, I don't think it looks too bad.

In hindsight, I probably should have worked the tank in the round, at least until the armhole shaping.  That way the striping would have matched up.   When it comes to seaming the sides, the stripes won't match up.  I suppose I'll have to live with that.

Let's hope the coming week brings me unbridled energy to plow through the front section with incredible speed . . . Nothing like seeing the finish line to spur one on.

DinaPurls :)


This is coming along nicely! The yarn color is a lovely complement to the lacy pattern. I vote for not worrying about side seams matching up - the color family is pretty tonal so it will look purposeful in a good way.

Thanks Michelle! :) You're probably right that the colour changes are subtle enough that it won't be too jarring.