Holiday "Spirit"

Here is my completed Version A Wine Bottle Bag from the Classic Holidays book:


In searching for something to put in it for the picture (my house being curiously absent of wine bottles) I discovered yet another use for these gift bags - bath products! Aren't you convinced that a plethora of these are needed for your holiday celebrations this year?

This was an easy pattern to follow. After getting started I didn't even have to glance at it until the time came to do the bottom decreases. I also learned how to make a twisted cord, which looks impressive but is very simple (my favorite kind of skill to learn). The only problem was that I couldn't get it threaded through the last row of ribbing. I considered doing an eyelet row early on but decided against it. That was a bad decision.

Another problem I had was keeping the vertical floats looking neat, with stripes matching up and no holes around the color changes:


If anyone has advice on how to avoid this hot mess, do tell. I know this is due to a lack of skill/experience doing color work. I tried wrapping the yarn in a couple places, but it didn't seem to help the holes much and then color A would poke through color B - it wasn't pretty. For the next bag I'm going to try knitting flat instead of in the round and then do a mattress stitch seam, unless someone has some magical advice here? Please?

For the next bag I will be doing Version C, which is felted with handles instead of a drawstring. Good thing knittinjen posted those felting tips last week, as I have never felted before - wish me luck!



That color combination is inspiring - not something I'd ever think of but man does it look great. Hooray for sugar plums! There are some good tutorials online for knitting jogless stripes, which should get you a step in the right direction, I'll see what I can find.

That is fantastic! I sure hope I get one (with some wine in it of course!) for Christmas!!! Seriously I LOVE that, you did a great job.

Pretty, pretty. I'm inspired. I have more than enough projects on my to do list before Christmas already! Can I quit my full time job for a few months? When you were twisting your yarns at the color change, did you just bring the new one up under the old/previous color? I find that if I do that it works. You will still get the little jogs, but no holes. If I twist them I always end up with a hole! Always. The jogs used to bother me too, but I finally came to accept them especially since seaming could be a lot MORE work in order to match up the stripes. OH! another tip: when you do the one for felting...don't worry about the jogs, just make sure your ends are woven in really well (and fix any holes you may have) and then felt away! The stitches will be so obscured you won't even notice them! GOOD JOB! Love it and wish I were on your Christmas list!

one of the recent Interweave Knit magazines had an article on jogless stripes, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. In terms of avoiding holes, I just did a striped project in the round and I made sure that when I started a round with a new color that I crossed the new yarn under and then over the old yarn. then when i got back to that point at the beginning of the next row, i made sure everything was pulled nice and tight (pulling on the old yarn end to make sure the first stitch in the new color is nice and snug). i hope that makes some sense. i'm such a tactile learner/teacher that it's hard to explain without physically showing you. can't wait to see your next knit wine/bath gel gift bag.

Thanks for the tips, everyone. Now that I know to google "jogless stripes" I've found a bunch of tutorials :)