Hi! I'm New Around Here...

Hi! My name is Julie (JDKnits) and I'm thrilled to be here with you, blogging about the lovely Patons yarns and patterns.

Next week I'll tell you about the delicious new Patons Classic Wool Roving that I got my paws on for the first time this week. Mmmmmm, you're going to love it! Here's a teaser:

Patons Classic Wool Roving

Patons Classic Wool Roving: Look at those colors!

But First, An Introductory Post

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those lucky knitters who learned to knit at her grandmother's knee - quite literally. Unfortunately, since my grandmother lived in Scotland and I was growing up in England, her knee was only available about twice a year, so my early knitting efforts progressed in fits and starts.

The rest of the year I turned to my mother. She, who was pursuing a teaching degree while raising three children, had a little less time for the whole "I'm stuck on row 2" pleas as Granny did. I can't understand....oh wait, yes I can.

Because now I am a mother -- of two, but both of them are boys, so I think that counts for at least an extra half, don't you? Becoming a mother was one of the things that turned me back on to knitting.

Knitting for babies, of course, is great fun. The tiny projects are so sweet they make your teeth ache and are supremely rewarding quick-knits. Knitting for your own babies became a bit less rewarding, doesn't it, once you realize how often they've grown out of things by the time the knits come back out of the wash?

Knitting For Sanity

Toddlers and babies, while cute, aren't a great intellectual challenge to the stay-at-home parent. I had to be there, in the room, looking out for them while they discover the wonders of imaginative play, but they didn't always actually need me. I couldn't read, because of the incessant and adorable chatter. I couldn't leave because of the tendency of toddlers to find the baby. (And bite the baby.) I couldn't talk on the phone, because that's the universal signal to all children to begin having the mother of all tantrums. So I knit.

It is a challenge: teaching your toddlers not to play with the yarn, not to jump on mommy when she has pointy sticks in her hands, not to ever, ever for heavens' sake NO! touch mommy's knitting when she's not around, but I think it's worth it.

A Suitable Boy (Color)

As a result of their early training I now have two boys (aged 7 and 5) who know how to wind a ball of yarn, how to mix colours for dye, how to move a project bag off a chair before they jump on it, and precisely how much to batt their ridiculously-long eyelashes if they want me to knit them something in a particular color.

And I'm proud to say (and this is where I finally get to talking about a Patons yarn!) that this past winter, my 5 year old used his eyelash-batting skills to great effect in the local craft store when he spotted some Patons Kroy Socks yarn in wonderful, blessed unisex colors (thank you, Patons! Mothers of girls have no idea how frustrating life can be as a Knitter for Boys. So many gorgeous yarns, so few manly colors).

He grabbed two balls (oh yes, he's that well trained) and trotted over to me with them.

"Can you knit me some mittens with this?" he asked.

Never has a knitter been prouder.

Hand Shoes

G's Kroy Mittens in a Manly Colorway

Next week: that gorgeous so-soft roving.

Until then, keep knitting!


Welcome to the blog. YoElizBo and I have a mother-of-boys pal!! You are so right when you write how knitting mothers of girls just have no idea how difficult it can be. :-)

I was thinking the same thing, Knittinjen--another Boy Mom! It is hard to find things to knit for them and in boy colors. But there are some great choices here so it makes the knitting for the kids fun. Welcome, JDKnits!

I have boys also. Oldest 20, youngest 11.

I echo knittinjen: Welcome, JD! No hint at what you'll be making with that roving? Pretty please? I'm dying to get my hands on some of that, so I'll be very interested in what you and Red Rover - I mean Terri - have to say about working with it. I'm hoping it lends an old-fashioned look to projects.

Welcome! I can't wait to see what you make with the roving. Youngest Daughter has requested the cabled cape.

Thanks everyone. yoelizbo and knittinjen: Ah, but the more noise we knitters-for-boys make, the more great patterns and yarns seem to emerge! k1paula2: I do think this will have a very definite hand-knit look to it, in the old-fashioned-if-only-they-had-had-such-luxurious-yarn kind of way! terriknitspatons: my teen nieces have been all over the pattern book too. They want everything!