Hats Off to the Hat

Project – Ruffle Hat
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Jacquards in 06012 Macaroon
Blogger – Teresaknits

Do you ever get into a knitting rut where you keep knitting the same pattern or same object over and over again? I'm currently in a hat-knitting phase, and have this little beauty to show for it.

The Baby Jacquards - Ruffle Hat is a charming baby hat that's so quick to knit, I had it done in one evening. (I think I might have completed it even faster had it been knit in the round; I hate seaming and had to pull out some of the stitches and restart to get them even.)

I used Bernat Baby Jacquards yarn in Macaroon and loved watching the stripes take shape around the hat. The colors are great for a baby boy and include one of my favorite combos – brown and blue. What's more, it's not a “babyish” blue at all, but a more sophisticated take on baby colors. Of course, if you are actually knitting this pattern for a boy, you might want to leave off the ruffles and use a k2p2 rib instead.



Sweet hat!

Its just beautiful! :)

That looks like a nice quick project. And I really like the colour pattern created by the yarn.

Thanks :)

This might be my favorite baby pattern. Period. I've usually seen it in the pinkier colors, it looks great with the brown and blue!

I absolutely love this pattern. I have made 2 so far, one in pink (with the ruffle) and one in a denim blue color (with a ribbing border). Plan to make more, a few for my first grandchild due in a few months and some for friends, family and church members.