A Hat for Breast Cancer Awareness

This month, I've decided to knit a smaller project, since my last two projects were so big.  Time to relax a bit!  :)

After some consideration, I've chosen to make a cabled hat, using Bernat Berella 4.  The free Bernat pattern is "Warm Cabled Scarf and Hat", but I'm only making the hat right now.  I have enough yarn to make the hat AND the scarf, so I'll have the complete set eventually.

I'm using the new "Ultra Pink" color, designed specifically for the Knit & Crochet for Breast Cancer campaign.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, as well as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  (Read more about it in the September 2009 Bernat Newsletter.)  You might find the display of pretty pink Bernat yarns in your local craft store.

This color is so bright and happy!

My hat is starting out fast and furious, with garter stitch on straight needles.  I'm almost finished with the cuff.  Cool!

When the hat is complete, it will be seamed up the back.  Usually, I prefer to knit my hats in the round, but I'm just going to knit this as the directions specify, to keep things simple.

Soon, I'll be ready to start cabling.  If you are not experienced with knitting cables, this quick project is a great opportunity to learn them.  They really are fun to do, and they make your knitting projects look amazing.  When you know how to do cables, you'll have confidence to try even MORE knitting techniques!  Go knitters!!

- Shandeh


This is a great pattern that I cannot wait to try. I have a friend who just discovered she has breast cancer. This will be the perfect gift for her!

Cathie, you will love this pattern - it's so fun to knit, and easy to follow. I'm sorry your friend is dealing with breast cancer. What a blessing for her to have a friend like you!

I love this pattern! I have a few around me that love pink so this would serve 2 purposes. LOL I wonder though if you could seam up part of the scarf and make it a hooded scarf too. May just have to try that! Thank you for the inspiration! Have fun!

Thanks, M'Lady Wench! Have fun with your hat - I'm loving mine!

good job, even i'm not a cancer patient, i still want my GF make one for me.

I liked this pattern. It can be helpful for the cancer patients. thanks

Nice hat! they are really meaningful and helpful! Thank for sharing to everyone!