A Happy Change of Plans

Project – Cowl (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Mosaic in Spectrum
Blogger – JenWKnits

I was all prepared to write a post about failing.

After knitting on this cowl for more than 2 weeks something went horribly wrong.  I skipped a row somewhere and the wrong side of the knitting was now the right side of the knitting (or something).

I ripped out a few rows and tried to fix my mistakes.  12 TIMES! Because not only do my “rip out knitting to fix mistake” skills suck that much, I am also in denial that they suck that much.

Then, I did what I should’ve done days earlier.  I ripped it all out and started again.

I muttered and complained through the first part, but you know what? It knit up so much faster the second time and before I knew it, I had this:

And now there is no way that this post can be failing.  Because something this pretty

cannot be failing – no matter how it came to be!

I can’t wait to see how this finishes into a cowl – I hope it share it with you next week.



Oh, Jen, I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the middle of knitting the Bernat Baby Afghan (pattern at http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=173). This is a project that will take some time - I figure perhaps 70-80 hours. It's a 3x4' baby blanket, knitted with fine yarn (Bernat Baby) and fine needles. There are 252 stitches in a row. The textured row takes me about 20 minutes to knit. And the plain row takes about 10 minutes. Anyway, around the time that I had it about 18" long, I took a look at it and realized that there was a subtle difference around the 12" mark in the look of the fabric. I figure that I missed one of the plain knitting rows. Oops! In the end, I decided that I was probably going to be the only one who would notice it. Of course, I can always show it to my knitting students as an example! For sure, given how slowly this is progressing, I was definitely NOT going to rip it out. Of course, I'm also thinking that the baby won't notice if the blanket is only 3x3' instead of 3x4' either! Because this blanket is taking soooooo long to knit. Judy

Love the colors and the pattern! My grandma always used to tell me no one will ever know how many times you had to rip...but a mistake left is there forever! You are doing an awesome job! I am working on a master's degree and have so little time to enjoy knitting, Hope to get back to some fun projects soon!

looks lovely! after seeing yours i am tempted to order the yarn and start one of my own :-)

the colours are gorgeous! simply gorgeous... I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is finished :)

Thank you ladies!! @Judy - your comment made me feel better :) Good luck with the blanket!! @Kathi - I like your Grandma's advice - and I hope you find time to knit soon. I remember how little I knit in graduate school - I feel for you. @Karen - don't hesitate :) It is a really fun project (and only took me 1 skein!)

@ Meghan - thank you! Sewing it up tonight and hope to have it posted soon!!