half & half at the halfway point

Project – Half & Half Socks
Patons Pattern Book – #500869  Sox in the City
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks – #55301 Sultana and #55040 Coal
Blogger – terriknitspatons

This is turning out to be a great project.  Because the socks are knit in pieces, it feels like they knit up really fast.  The construction is new to me and much easier to perform than visualize.

The leg is knit flat, when time to knit the heel, the leg is joined in a circle and the heel is knit flat from there.

Most sock patterns call for a heel flap that is 2 1/2 inches long.  I seldom travel with a tape measure, but have a great way to know when it is time to turn the heel.  I use my thumb.

I like the thumb because it is able to form a V shape similar to the sock, but a pinky would also work.

Once the heel is taken care of, the top of the foot is knit, and the top of the toe is shaped.  At this point the sock is looking very strange.

But the knitting of each small piece is fast, which makes for satisfying progress.  Stitches are picked up around the heel for the gusset, and then the sole is worked in the same manner as the top.  Seaming is all that is left to do before you say, "Ta Da!"

I love they way it turned out!

The look is SO dramatic.

I have something a little different planned for the second sock.



Question: Where's the seam? While this is intriguing I'd be concerned that the seam would be uncomfortable...

The seam runs up the back and down the sides of the sock. I have not worn the sock with a shoe, but just walking around I can not feel the seams at all. I am getting rid of the foot seams on the second sock. Stay tuned.

Dramatic is right! They look really great. And now I'm interested in trying them. Sigh, yet another pattern to add to the queue!

I am using this pattern again. Even the boys in the house like it.

Wow, these are so cool! I admit, I'm also curious as to where the seam is.

See the seam reply above. I never would have guessed at the construction.