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Project – Half & Half Socks
Patons Pattern Book – #500869  Sox in the City
Yarn – Kroy Socks - #55301 Sultana and #55040 Coal
Blogger – terriknitspatons

Summer is practically here.  I have heard rumors that summer arrived weeks ago to many parts of the continent.  In fact, I have seen pictures of vegetable gardens that have made me weep with envy.  In my neighborhood, summer has almost arrived.  Because I am an optimist, I have set aside knitting projects that include blankets, or large shawls and turned to the little stuff.  Stuff that will not drape across my lap while I am outside soaking up the sun.  First summer project?  Socks.

I have knit a hundred or so pairs of socks, but this is something new.  When I chose this project I did not think too much about the construction.  It was all about the design and its possibilities.  I should not have been surprised to learn that what we have here is a pair of 2-needle socks.  I am really excited to learn something new.  I am also excited to know that once I finish this pair of socks I will have the construction know-how to move on to argyles.  I heart argyle.

The Half & Half Socks in the Socks in the City booklet are black and grey.  Very classic, very elegant.  I wondered what would happen if one of the solid colors were switched out for stripes.

I think it works well.  I love the wide stripes and the contrast from the black.   And the yarn.  I love this yarn.  The yarn is Kroy Socks and at first stitch I was happy about the thickness, a true fingering, and the squishy factor.  I like a squishy yarn, but not too squishy.  I do not like it when the yarn collapses while I am knitting.  After knitting a few inches I noticed the “hand”.  The fabric drapes well without being floppy.   The nylon content does not take away at all from the overall softness.  I really appreciate the fact that I will not have to darn these socks six months down the road AND the yarn is soft on my hands.  Totally knitting with this again.



You totally surprised me! I thought you were going to knit the polka dot socks with that yarn. What a cool idea.

You will find I am full of surprises... Name that movie!

I really like Kroy. These socks look cool!

Thank you! I am loving the Kroy.

Thought I left a comment here already ... I love Kroy sock yarn. And this pattern looks really intriguing!

The pattern is totally new to me, and I love knowing how to make a two needle sock. Easy peasy, you can do it.

Very interesting! I clicked through to the book - lots of great patterns. Will have to put this on my wish list.

There are MANY patterns in this book I plan to knit. Next up will be the cabled socks.

I thought about doing this pattern and was a little scared. Now that I see what you're doing with it I may just have to make some too!

Don't be scared, you can totally do this! My next post will include a couple of helpful hints to make it even easier. I love this construction and see myself using it again and again.