Guilty as Charged

bustedDear Fair Isle Sock #1,
We have known each other for what, 3 weeks now? After all we went through in the beginning, I think we have developed a pretty solid relationship. What I am about to say may hurt, but I want you to know that I am still devoted to finishing your other half. The other day, a couple skeins of Patons Classic Wool arrived on my doorstep. You see, I am about to start a new project (Hooded Cardigan). Yes, yes, I fully intend to finish your other sock first, but just hear me out. The color is Moss Heather and it's simply irresistible. A beautiful mix of moss green and an earthy brown make this heathered yarn so yummy that I can hardly contain myself. Here is the bad part, so you may want to sit down. I did a gauge swatch. There, I said it. I feel much better now that this is out in the open. I hope we can still be friends and continue this beautiful (and colorful) relationship. Please accept my apology. I swear, I will never gauge check in your presence again.



You cheater!

Hey now, NOT cheating....just exploring my options :)

such a pretty color is it lightweight enough for a southern fall/winter?

@ Cimi Yes, it is light enough for the south. Actually, I have been contemplating adding a flannel or light fleece liner. However, this would mean I would have to break out my sewing machine and let's just say my sewing skills are, um, lacking.