Guest Blogger: Kristin Omdahl + How to Hand Wash Garments

Guest Blogger

I can't remember when I met this month's guest blogger in person, but I do know that I've always admired her as a designer. Kristin Omdahl's flirty and feminine personality is evident in her design esthetic. Her garments are often infused with with lace and motifs which come together to create something special. It's a joy to see her out at industry events, and I'm pleased to hear that she's been working on something exciting with the folks at renown wash company, Eucalan -- but I'll let her tell you about that. Here's Kristin!



Hi Everyone!  I'm Kristin Omdahl, author of "Wrapped In Crochet", "Crochet So Fine", "A Knitting Wrapsody", "Seamless Crochet" and the soon to be released "The Finer Edge".  I am also the crochet expert on "Knitting Daily TV" which airs on PBS.   And this month, I launched a new product I am very excited about: "Wrapture" by Kristin Omdahl, made exclusively by Eucalan.  It is an all-natural, no-rinse delicate wash for hand washing your  knit and crochet projects, natural fibers, lingerie and swimwear or machine washing fine linens, baby clothes or athletic wear. It's free of harsh chemicals and sulphates and it doesn't have a sudsing agent, which means it's safe for  high efficiency washing machines.  It's even got a beautiful, light, natural scent from the addition of night blooming jasmine essential oil.

I mentioned that Wrapture can be used in the machine, which is a great option for most of Bernat's yarns.  However, I think you'll also enjoy using it to hand wash items made from more delicate yarns like, Bernat Bamboo and Bernat Alpaca. Here's my suggested method for washing these garments:

    • Fill a basin with tepid (room temperature) water
    • Add a teaspoon of Wrapture to water and swish around with your hand
    • Spot treat garment with full strength Wrapture
    • Submerse garment in water
    • Squeeze water and Wrapture gently through fibers to saturate
    • Soak for 15 – 30 minutes
    • No rinsing required – gently lift garment up squeezing out as much water as possible
    • Lay flat on towel rolling and squeezing out excess water
    • Place garment on another dry towel and block into shape laying seams flat

When I'm not designing amazing cleansers, I'm designing garments! I thought I'd share a project with you today that's excerpted from my book, The Finer Edge. The Pompeii Mobius is crocheted with Bernat Moasic. You can download the pattern for free, as well as check out my video tutorial from a recent taping at Knitting Daily TV.  Enjoy!

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I was interested in the handwash product since it sounded like what I was looking for. Unfortunately it has added fragrance. As I am allergic to purfumes it means I wont be able to use it. Too bad, it sounds good.

You're in luck! Eucalan's "Natural Scent" wash has no added perfumes or scents, so your allergies will be kept at bay :)