Guest Blogger: Fredda Perkins + Yarn Fringe Lamp Project!

Yarn Fringe Lampshade

Yarn Fringe Lampshade

Every grandmother supposedly knits or crochets her grandchildren a little hat or an afghan. Not me, I never learned to knit and I haven’t crocheted in 30 years. Despite that, I love to walk down the yarn aisle of the craft stores and finger the beautiful yarns. When I saw the yummy colors of the Bernet baby yarns I knew I had to make something with them.

I came home with several sherbet yarn colors including shades of Bernat Tizzy and Bernat Cottontots.

Yarn Fringe Supplies

Next I dug through my sewing room to find my LoopDee Doodle, a gadget that makes fringe out of yarn. It’s basically a stiff wire in a elongated “U” shape (you could easily make your own by cutting and bending a wire hanger) that you wrap the yarn around then sew down the middle, pulling the wire out as you go and adding more yarn as needed.

I used my new fringe to trim a silk shade for a nightlight for my granddaughter, Tallulah.


Fredda & Jennifer Perkins

Fredda Perkins is a mother, grandmother and psychologist with a penchant for craftiness and an eye for design. Her eldest daughter Jennifer is best known as a TV host, jewelry designer and Editor in Chief of Wal-Mart's Kids Crafts 1-2-3 Magazine, and her youngest, Hope is one of Austin's favorite artists. Fredda lives with her husband in their historic Victorian home in McKinney, Texas.


The baby projects that I make now that my children are bigger are for gifts. I like the baby gifts having that personal touch.