Guest Blogger: Cathie Filian + Yarn Wrapped Elephants!

August is Bernat Baby Month and to celebrate, I decided to make some yarn wrapped artwork for lil' Filian's room.  Of course his/her room is still a work in progress...but it is coming along!

You can see we still have a long way to go! If you are wondering why we chose elephants, it's because our last name means "elephant" :)

Since we are adopting and we still don't know if we are going to be getting a little boy or girl, I chose the Stonewash Gray and Hot Green from the Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn line.  They are around $2 a ball and I used 1 of each color.  The wood elephants were from Michaels and they were .25 cents each!  Visit the Bernat site to see all the yarns and colors. Plus, till August 31, 2012 you get a a free yarn when you buy 4!  The coupon code is BERNATBABY

Let's make some elephants!

First, choose your color.

Then, gather the items you'll need for this project:
Wood elephants or other shape (mine were from Michaels)
Bernat cotton yarns
Hot glue or Craft glue
Backing paper (mine was a light aqua paper)
Shadow box frame (mine was from Ikea)

Secure the yarn to the back side of the elephant with glue.

Begin wrapping the yarn around the elephant.  You can wrap it in any direction.

Keep wrapping!

You may need to overlap your wrapping.  This will help cover the curves and add texture.

Make as many yarn wrapped elephants as you wish.  I made 4 to fit inside my frame.

Trim the backing paper to fit inside your frame.

Hot glue the elephants to the backing paper in your desired pattern.

Hang on a wall or place on a shelf and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Crafting,
Cathie xo

Cathie Filian


Gray? Where can I get this color? I have looked everywhere for Gray!

I love this! I am working on my sons nursery which is Sheep themed. I am going to have to give this a try!

Thanks! It was really fun to make! XO Cathie

Great idea to customize a baby's room.