Good for the Soul

Project – Prayer Shawl (crochet)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Bamboo in 92244 Dill
Blogger – KristinR

I have been busy crocheting along on the Prayer Shawl, and it has been such a great experience so far.  Personally, it has felt so good to have those quiet moments together with my project, thinking about the good things and the hope for our future.  A good cup of tea and some good music makes it even better.  I smile every time I sit down to crochet, because I am reminded of joy, and love, and family.  I can't wait to wrap my daughter and myself up in it when it is all finished in a big fibery hug.

Technically, I am really enjoying working with this pattern and yarn.  The pattern is very easy to memorize, which makes it fun to do any time of the day.  I can pick it up and crochet for a while, then get up and take care of the kiddos or cook dinner without losing my place.  The yarn is a joy to work with.  It feels so soft and cool in my hands.  It is a nice change from the warmer fibers that I have worked with all winter.

This project is coming right along.  I can't wait to show you when it is all finished!



Love your picture with the tea and nice yarn. It really does look relaxing and comforting. Your project looks great too. Hope to see more of it soon. Makes me want to do more crochet.

Great photo - the project looks so yummy AND so sophisticated at the same time! It sound like it is doing the job for you.

I am trying to crochet the Prayer Shawl from the Sheep(ish) line on the Bernat website of free patterns. I cannot get it started. Seem like the rows are going in a "hop-podge" of a circle instead of rows. Can you help me with the first 4 rows to get started? I would appricate the help. Thank you, BJ Dodd