Getting Ahead of Myself

Project – Chevron Scarf
Bernat Pattern Book #530196 Show Your Stripes
Yarn – Bernat Jacquards in Jade Jacquard
Blogger – JenWKnits

At the beginning of  my last few projects, I’ve taken pictures of the yarn and told you the story behind why I picked the project that I did.  Well, this time I didn’t take pictures of the yarn skeins because I just had to start knitting.  Right away.  No time to waste.

So, instead I present to you the beginning of my new project:

I cast on and I couldn’t stop knitting!

But, don’t worry.  I wouldn’t leave you without the story behind the project.

My youngest child is going to start preschool in the fall.  (Look! I wrote that without crying!  Improvement!)  Last year, she took a Mommy and Me class.  When I decided not to send her to preschool this year, we repeated her Mommy and Me year.  Her teacher has become a good friend of mine and after two years of Monday mornings with me, the woman deserves a nice hand knit scarf.

I’m already enjoying the pattern, the yarn, and the time spent thinking about my friend and my baby girl.



Very pretty!

Oh how thoughtful! Your daughter's teacher will love it. And I'm lovin' the way the striping is working out--very pretty. :)

Thanks ladies :)

I love how the color is dispersing in this pattern - so pretty!