Fun & Simple Project #2

Next up in my trio of fun and simple projects made from some of Patons' newer yarns: The Moxie Tube Snood. (I've no clue where the word "snood" originated, but it always makes me laugh. Kind of like how "skort" and "spork" never fail to amuse me.)

Moxie is a really silky and dense faux "fur" type yarn. One of my friends saw it and declared, "Wow - that's like eyelash yarn on steroids!" It's so thick that at first it might be tricky to tell if you knitted the loop or the feathery fibers coming out of the loop. This may sound strange, but it's almost easier to knit with Moxie if you close your eyes or just don't look down. Sometimes it was easier for me to feel the right-hand needle's position than it was to see it.

As glamorous as the finished snood may be, the pattern itself is really simple. It's stockinette stitch, with garter stitches on the edges to control curling.

My work should have gone faster, but I hurt my back when I was only 6" or so into the pattern. I don't know about you, but when you can't get comfortable it's really hard to sit, let alone knit. Once my back was on the mend, I had to limit myself to only doing a few rows at a time. Had I been working at a normal pace I probably would have finished the snood in a week or so, making this a fun, simple and quick project.



I knitted 30 inches but I am not sure how to wear it as a shawl rather than a snood. Would appreciate it if there is a different pattern for the shawl in the photo. Please email instructions as also bought wool enough for a second one. Thank you.

need instuctions for the shawl for moxie wool thank you.