Free Yarn Giveaway: Sock Monkey Cuddle Blanket!

Free Yarn Giveaway: Sock Monkey Cuddle Blanket

crochet-magazineIf you're ever in need of a children's toy, Belinda Carter's Sock Monkey Cuddle Blanket is a great pattern to try out! From its expressive eyebrows to (peeled!) banana, kids will love cuddling and playing with their cute new monkey buddy.  Pick up the spring issue of Crochet! for the pattern.

Here's an idea... why not enter to win all the yarn you need to make the Sock Monkey Cuddle Blanket!

How do I enter?

Between May 14 – 29, 2013, comment on this post with the answer to the giveaway question below. We’ll randomly choose a commenter on May 31 to win the yarn! They’ll be announced here on the Caron Blog, on our Facebook page, and on Crochet!'s Facebook page. Keep your eyes peeled (hahaha) to find out if it’s you!

What can I win? All of the following!

  • Caron Simply Soft “Nutmeg” (0013) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft “Red” (9729) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft “White” (9701) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft “Lemon” (0017) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft “Off White” (9702) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft Light “White” (0001) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft Light “Red” (0013) (1 skein)
  • Caron Simply Soft Light “Black” (0014) (1 skein)

The giveaway question is…

What kinds of toys are your favorites to knit or crochet for children?

That's it—we can't wait to read your answers!

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Please note: This giveaway is only applicable to residents of North America. Thank you.


I like to make small animals like penguins.

I like stuffed animals that look like their real life counterparts. I'm making a trout for my son right now. cute blanket, thanks for the chance :-)

I haven't yet knit or crochet any toys. I have several patterns to try soon. Crochet is already on my FB and I love it!

Owls, owls, owls!

My daughter loves the movie "Despicable Me" so I crocheted a little yellow minion for her.

i have crocheted a doll, always wanted to make a snuggly blanket love monkeys and owls atm would love to win this yarn and make one

I have done a bear, but love to do Owls.

My favorite toys to make are easy to clean, small enough to carry easily but large enough tikes can't swallow. Bath toys are a lot of fun.

Animals--I have crocheted an elephant (Ernie) & an owl for my 2 grandbabies! They love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

I like to make endangered species animals. The kids get a stuffed toy, and it spreads awareness!

I am crocheting the My Little Pony character

amigurumi animals

I like any small animals that a mom can throw in her purse or diaper bag.

My favorite toys to make are the one's my kids ask me to knit. That way I know it's what they want and it's special for them. I also like to make "socktopus" to give as gifts.

teddy bears, bunnies, and just lately, lightsabers for my son...

Any stuffed animals done with Caron yarn because it is so soft and cuddly! I do Swedish Weaving and love Caron yarn!

I love to make little dolls , cats and dogs! and give this for Christmas presents =)

Sock monkeys have been a fave of mine since forever! But I have mostly crocheted bears! Owls too!

I love teddy bears. I have passed that on to my granddaughter and have made a few for her and a few others as well as turkeys and bunnies. Love to crochet!

Mine would be bears. Did a couple for baby showers.

I have crochet all different animals and blocks for my grandchildren.

I just finished crocheting a dog made of different colors.only had a picture to go pattern.pretty when i finished.crocheted several giraffes of many pretty

I guess I'm a traditionalist - I like to make teddy bears! I have about 4 patterns I turn to, including my own pattern for a pocket sized bear called a "Secret Keeper" (he has no mouth).

I haven't made any yet, but hope to find some time this summer to make these cute little "loveys" for the many babies being born to my friends and family!

Monkey hats for the whole family -22! Plus a stuffed bluegill, teddy bears, dogs. I am currently making a stuffed monkey.

I've had some fun making hand puppets. My alligator is the favorite so far!

I enjoy making a cuddly 'blankie' animal

I like making all kinds of toys , knitted or crochet, working on a yorkie right now

I just love all assorted animal...

This would be so sweet for kids in hospitals or for police/fire officers to give to children. So cute!

Animals and baby toys- rattles, ring toys.

I like crocheting amigurumi toys for children. I also make dolls using doll heads and hands I find at Goodwill :-)

I love to make snugglies, the little blanket with the stuffed animal attached at the top!

My grandchildren love "monsters" that Grandma D makes. I enjoy seeing their little faces when I present them with a "new monster".

I love making reversible toys! Well, really anything by Susan B.Anderson.

I made a train for my nephew when he was one. Nice and soft.

My girls love their little dolls and dresses! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Owls... this is adorable!

I have only crocheted only blankets, which my grandchildren love, but would love to start on a new project!

Stuffed rattles.

I made each of my grandkids a set of crocheted 'Juggling Blocks' several years ago for Christmas (my son, too, actually...). They were filled with craft bead filler (don't remember the right word for it...too early-brain has not engaged yet, beanbag stuffing only smaller...). Each set was a different color combination. As far as I know, they still have them. Other than that, they're too big now for toys...everything is computer games now...

I have made finger puppets. but I like the idea of a snugly blanket

I crochet animal purses fot little girls

I would like make some stuffed animals. Have patterns for a turtle and flamingo that I can't wait to start. But the sock monkey might move to the top of the list. So cute.

My favorite things to crochet for children are amigurumi--I'd like to try making a sock monkey.

bunnies! I also made my grandson a block made out of sock monkey colors with a sock monkey face on one of the squares. so fun!

Have not made and crochet toys. Want to and have a few on list. Finishing up a few afghans to go to Navy-Marine Relief Society first.

I love to crochet toys that are bright, soft, and a little goofy looking. The kids I make them for can take them anywhere and even to bed at night. I have also crocheted kittens and puppies for some of the elderly folks at the nursing home.

Small animals, mostly for baby showers!

I've just began making personalized dolls ~ I love to see the child's face when she sees how her doll actually looks like her!! Makes my heart melt :)